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Gourmet Salt

Gourmet Salt by the Jar

Gourmet Salt by the Jar

Perfect for table or pantry, explore our extensive selection of the highest quality all-natural gourmet salts, available in a broad assortment of sophisticated packaging choices.

Gourmet Salt by the Pound

Bulk Gourmet Salt

From exclusive natural smoked salts to handcrafted flavored sea salts and the finest finishing salts, SaltWorks® offers the widest variety of bulk gourmet salts available.

Bath Salt

Bath Salt by the Jar

Bath Salt by the Jar

For a soothing soak at home or as a gift, SaltWorks natural professional bath salts are available in several elegant scents & options. Simply add to the bath, soak & relax.

Bath Salts by the Pound

Bulk Bath Salts

From therapeutic soaks to salts for your own blend, our bath salts are the highest quality, guaranteed. From the Dead Sea to grey salt from France, find the best bath salts here.

Jar of Hellfire Smoked Habanero Sea Salt with habanero peppers

Spice up any recipe with our Hellfire® Sea Salt

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Mineral Essence Bath Salt Jar and Pouches

Relax with our Mineral Essence Scented Bath Salts

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Sweet and Spicy Margarita

Sweet and Spicy Margarita with a Fusion® Lemon Twist Salt Rim

A quick & delicious crowd pleaser.

From Granular to GRAND-ular

From Granular to GRAND-ular

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