Kosher Salt Guide

What exactly is “kosher salt”? Technically, the word "kosher" has two different meanings with respect to salt. It can mean either Kosher-certified salt, or kosher-style flake salt. Here’s how to determine which you’ll need and what the differences are.

Kosher-Certified Salt

Kosher-certified salt, commonly referred to as "kosher salt," means that salt has met the guidelines of kosher outlined by Jewish law, and upheld by kosher certification agencies and members of the Jewish faith. The certification ensures that the product is produced and handled in accordance with these high standards, and is suitable for consumption for those following a kosher diet.

SaltWorks partners with the Orthodox Union (OU) to certify its entire line of specialty gourmet salts. The OU is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and recognizable kosher certification agencies in the world, and is trusted for its commitment to quality and excellence. All of the SaltWorks brand gourmet sea salts, including our handcrafted smoked salts and Fusion® Flavored Salts, have been certified as Kosher sea salts by the OU.

Kosher-Certified Smoked Salt

SaltWorks is proud to have full Kosher certification for all of its handcrafted smoked sea salts. Our traditional sea salts have been certified Kosher since 2007, but smoked salts require a more involved process to achieve this distinction. Certified by the Orthodox Union, our smoked salts now meet the guidelines as outlined by Jewish law, and are produced and handled in accordance to these high quality standards.

Our Kosher smoked salts are produced using a proprietary smoking process that uses only real wood smoke from bark-free logs. We choose quality over quantity; so liquid smoke and other additives are never used. Kosher smoked salts are suitable for consumption for those following a kosher diet.

SaltWorks' Kosher Certified Smoked Sea Salts

Kosher-Style Salt

Kosher-style salt is commonly referenced in recipes, by foodies and chefs, and is categorized by its distinctive flake-style crystal. Interestingly enough, it is believed that this style of salt took on the name “kosher” because the unique texture and shape are useful in the process of koshering meat.

The texture and shape of kosher-style salt is lighter and more delicate than a typical fine grain table salt. The texture is enjoyed by many people for both the subtlety of flavor and the slight crunch when sprinkled over dishes. Kosher-style salt also dissolves quickly and evenly into foods during cooking, and melds wonderfully with other flavors. It is a great salt to use in spice blends because the light texture mixes well with other ingredients.

SaltWorks' Kosher-style Flake Salts (not an inclusive listing)

"Kosher-certified" and "kosher-style" may have two completely different meanings, but with the many varieties of both Kosher-certified and kosher-style specialty salts SaltWorks carries, it is easy to get the exact type of kosher salt you need for any purpose.