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Our Artisan® and Fusion® Salt Sampler collections are a delicious way to add some variety to your recipes. Each set is custom designed with hand-selected artisanal salts to appeal to any palate, whether you want to keep them for yourself or give them to friends and family. Both the novice home cook and the gourmet foodie will enjoy these culinary adventures. Each salt sampler set comes with five different salts in our mini glass jars with hand-milled cork tops, three stainless salt spoons and three glass serving bowls for serving and displaying the salt.

Collections Available:

Limited Edition Artisan® Salt Sampler - Classic: A delicious way to introduce a variety of all-natural, artisanal salts to any meal, the Limited Edition Artisan® Classic Salt Sampler contains five of our most popular varieties of Artisan salt. The range of colors and textures makes this gift set perfect for both the beginner home cooks and the adventurous eaters in your life.

Limited Edition Artisan® Salt Sampler - Smoke: For the grilling fanatic and the BBQ lover, our Limited Edition Artisan® Smoked Salt Sampler collection is everything and more. The range of smoked salts covers an impressive variety of flavors from several different types of wood smoke, from hickory and mesquite to apple and alder wood.

Limited Edition Fusion® Salt Sampler - Gourmet: A delicious way to introduce a variety of naturally flavored sea salts to any meal, our Limited Edition Fusion® Gourmet Salt Sampler is the perfect gift for food-loving friends, family or coworkers. Each flavor in this Fusion set begins with a natural sea salt base and then is infused with natural ingredients to create extraordinary flavored salts in some of our bestselling varieties.

Limited Edition Fusion® Salt Sampler - Heat: Give the heat-seekers in your life the spicy, savory Limited Edition Fusion® Heat gift set. Turn up the heat with a variety of natural, spicy salts that will make every meal an adventure. The subtle differences between each peppery variety will banish bland from your kitchen and make every meal extra flavorful.

Limited Edition Snowflake® Salt Sampler: The Limited Edition Snowflake® Salt Sampler highlights the exquisite crunch & range of delicious flavors of our exclusive Snowflake salts. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet finishing salt that’s pure and simple or a smoky, spicy variety, this gift set includes the perfect match for any occasion.

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