Bamboo Salt Sampler

by SaltWorks

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The Fusion® Bamboo Salt Sampler includes 24 all-natural Fusion flavored sea salts infused with flavors from black truffle to roasted garlic to habanero pepper for the true gourmand. The salts are beautifully packaged in our boutique mini glass jars with hand-milled cork tops. The whole gift set is displayed in a lovely bamboo presentation box, and is a perfect gift for the serious salt connoisseur or chef.

The Fusion Bamboo Salt Sampler contains:

Bamboo Presentation Box is a handmade storage case with a glass door and stainless steel hardware. The bamboo box is 12” x 12” x 4”.

24 Mini Glass Jars with hand milled cork. The jars are 1.5” x 1.2” x 2.4” and hold anywhere from 0.5 oz-1 oz of salt depending on salt variety.

Black Truffle Sea Salt: Savory, aromatic and distinctive, this exquisite gourmet blend of treasured Italian black truffles and natural sea salt is the ultimate luxury. Try it on anything for a savory kick—especially fresh popcorn.

Chipotle Sea Salt: Real smoke-dried jalapeños combine with all-natural sea salt to create a rich, toasted Southwestern flavor in our Chipotle Sea Salt. Try this toasty salt with BBQ recipes and homemade salsas.

Espresso Brava Sea Salt: Properly brewed espresso has three major parts: the heart, the body and the crema. Our Espresso Brava Salt is the perfect brew of freshly roasted Italian espresso beans and all-natural sea salt, making it a popular addition for a wide variety of dishes. This is the perfect salt to have with steak and barbecued ribs.

Ghost Pepper Sea Salt: Made with the formidable Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper, and all-natural sea salt from the Pacific, this fiery blend is a favorite of heat-loving foodies and BBQ pit masters. Use just a pinch—a little bit goes a long way.

Habanero Heat Sea Salt: Habanero Heat Sea Salt combines ripe, intensely spicy habanero peppers with all-natural sea salt to make this superbly mouthwatering flavored salt. Add a dash to guacamole or fruit salsas for a kick.

Jalapeño Sea Salt: Jalapeño Sea Salt is a fresh, zesty combination of spicy jalapeño peppers and pure, natural sea salt. This sizzling salt will give a bite of spicy flavor to guacamole, flank steak, or chicken and rice.

Lemon Twist Sea Salt: Lemon Twist Sea Salt is the ideal pairing of fresh, juicy lemon and all-natural sea salt. This is an essential salt for seafood lovers, bartenders and pastry chefs.

Lime Fresco Sea Salt: Lime Fresco Sea Salt is a vibrant, citrusy blend that combines tart, succulent limes with pure, clean, natural sea salt. With a round, deep citrus taste, this artisanal blend is great as both an ingredient salt and a finishing salt.

Matcha (Green Tea) Sea Salt: Premium green tea harvested in the famous tea fields of Japan enhances natural sea salt and gives it a delicate, toasted flavor. Try it on scrambled eggs, steamed fish, chocolate and desserts.

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt: Intensely aromatic and savory, our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is a rich blend of golden-brown roasted garlic and pure, natural sea salt. Add this salt to soups, stews and sauces for a delicious depth of savory flavor.

Smoked Serrano Sea Salt: These peppers are left on the vine to mature, and then they’re slowly smoked until the flavors blossom. They have a warm, toasted aroma with subtle notes of berry, and create an authentic spiced flavor when mixed with sea salt.

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt: Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt brings the herbaceous, fragrant flavor of fresh garden herbs to the kitchen. Sprinkle it on roasted chicken or potatoes for a comforting, flavorful dish.

Spicy Curry Sea Salt: A delicious spice mixture of traditional curry components and pure, natural sea salt, this blend is a beautiful golden color that works well as both an ingredient salt and a finishing salt.

Sriracha Sea Salt: Sriracha Sea Salt combines the zesty, tangy heat of sun-ripened chili sauce with pure, crunchy flake sea salt. The ideal combination of salt and tangy spice, this natural sea salt is a great match for scrambled eggs.

Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt: Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt is made with our pure, natural sea salt and whole, ripe tomatoes to deliver the ultimate savory, rich tomato flavor.

Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt: Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt leaves a slight tingle on your tongue, but the flavor is more about the spice notes than the burn. Use on the most extravagant gourmet dinner or simply sprinkle on fries.

Thai Ginger Sea Salt: Thai Ginger Sea Salt is an all-natural blend of pure sea salt and fresh, juicy ginger. Spicy, tart and clean, this salt is one of the most popular because of its ability to add zest to both sweet and savory dishes.

Toasted Onion Sea Salt: Toasted Onion Sea Salt brings together real toasted onions with natural sea salt in a luxurious fusion reminiscent of French onion flavors. Luscious on chicken, pasta and sautéed vegetables, this delicious variety will inspire any cook.

Vanilla Bean Sea Salt: Heavily aromatic with the scent of genuine bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, Vanilla Bean Sea Salt is decidedly salty, but with a warm, creamy vanilla essence.

Vermont Maple Sea Salt: The answer to your sweet and salty cravings, organic Vermont maple syrup pairs flawlessly with all-natural sea salt. Top off your favorite desserts from popcorn to vanilla ice cream, or add a new dimension of flavor to savory grilled pork.

Vintage Merlot Sea Salt: Vintage Merlot Sea Salt is a fusion of complex, rich red wine from local Washington wineries and natural sea salt. This delicious gourmet salt pairs perfectly with braised and grilled meat dishes.

White Truffle Sea Salt: Earthy, fragrant, softly reminiscent of garlic and onion, White Truffle Sea Salt is a more delicate flavor than its darker, deeper, more robust cousin. Use to season and lend a gourmet touch to hors d’oeuvres, risotto, cheese, salads, and vegetables.

Wild Porcini Sea Salt: Authentic porcini mushrooms mixed with natural sea salt create a mouthwatering variety that is delicious in any dish. Pair it with eggs, meats or sautéed vegetables for a delightful umami flavor.

Venom® Sea Salt: Made with light, delicate flakes of pure, natural sea salt and scorching Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, Venom Sea Salt is a natural way to add some fire to spice rubs, BBQ sauces and guacamole recipes.

* Please note: The selection of salts included in the sampler set may vary based on availability.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

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UPC 879322002500
Salt Description Bamboo Salt Sampler
Shelf Life 5 years minimum
Container Type Cork Top Jars
Container Materials Glass
Brand SaltWorks
Flavor Type Infused
Flavor Assorted
TI/HI 12 x 6