Bolivian Rose®

Andes Mountain Salt Medium Grain

by SaltWorks


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Bolivian Rose® Andes Mountain Salt is a remarkable and rare mineral salt. Hand-mined from the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, this salt is rich in trace minerals that give each crystal their unique color, ranging from pastel peach tones to yellow-reds and coral shades. With a mild, balanced flavor, Bolivian Rose offers manufacturers and wholesalers an exciting opportunity to utilize and showcase a unique, authentic ingredient that will captivate the consumer, whether in a restaurant serving South American cuisine or stocked in the spice aisle.

For food service, Bolivian Rose is an attractive embellishment on the table in self-service salt shakers (Fine grain) or grinders (Coarse grain), or served alongside a meal in a salt tasting flight.

For confectioners, the beautiful colors of Bolivian Rose make this salt an ideal topping (Small grain), while it's balanced, mild flavor and crunchy crystal texture make it ideal for a surprising inclusion (Small or Medium grain).

For food manufacturers, Bolivian Rose is an ideal way to pique consumer interest and use a genuine, authentic ingredient in South American-inspired packaged products, from quinoa blends to sauces and snack foods.

For wholesalers, the stunning gradient of colors make Bolivian Rose in Coarse grain an ideal option to re-package in clear glass or plastic salt grinders and mills. The exclusivity, rarity & origin story of this unique salt will surely attract consumers.

SaltWorks is the only wholesale supplier of Bolivian Rose. Our proprietary processes, especially our exclusive Optically Clean® Technology ensure that you will receive the most pristine, authentic mineral salt in the most vivid, unadulterated color available. This mineral salt is extremely rare & only available in limited quantities.

Medium grain: Medium grain Bolivian Rose is ideal for food service use for roasting meats or seafood; for manufacturing and confectionery inclusion applications; and for repack in salt grinders or mills.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Optically Clean®

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Bolivian Rose
Salt Description Andes Mountain Salt
Ingredients Salt
Country of Origin Bolivia
Geographical Region South America
Color Pale Pink to Orange
Salt Type Mineral Salt
Shelf Life 10 Years Minimum
Container Type Bag
Container Materials Laminated Plastic
Brand SaltWorks
Flavor Type Unflavored
Optically Clean Yes