SaltWorks® in the News

Natural Products Insider

March 2016
“Our naturally flavor-infused and smoked salts are really on-trend right now and elevate the flavor profiles of snacks while maintaining a clean label.” SaltWorks President Naomi Novotny comments on the important role of all-natural sea salt in snack foods in Natural Products Insider magazine. View the full article here.

Willows Lodge Magazine

January 2016
“If you’ve ever bought artisan salt, chances are, at one point, it stopped through SaltWorks, the world’s first and largest gourmet salt factory that resides in little old Woodinville.” Willows Lodge Magazine dives into SaltWorks’ global artisan salt operation in The Business of Salt. View the full article here.


September 2014
Seattle's KOMO 4 News featured SaltWorks, America's Sea Salt Company, in September of 2014. Mark Zoske, CEO, explains the impact and potential boost Alibaba can have on his sales. Read the full article here.

Seattle Business

August 2014
"People are more educated about the food they eat," Zoske explains. "They’re reading labels. They want to know where food is coming from. People are finding out that quality salt makes food taste better, taste different [and that] there can be a crunch to it." Seattle Business reports on SaltWorks' leading role in the fast-growing world of all-natural gourmet salt. Read the full article here.

Evening Magazine

February 2014
Seattle's King 5 Evening Magazine featured SaltWorks, America's Sea Salt Company, in February of 2014. Our own Mark Zoske, CEO, and Naomi Novotny, President, provided a little gourmet salt 101 along with a tour of the Woodinville facility. The award-winning magazine-format television program covers the people, places & things that make the Pacific Northwest a great place to live.

SaltWorks - Gourmet Sea Salt, Smoked Salt, and Himalayan Salt

Evening Magazine (Seattle) featured SaltWorks, America's Sea Salt Company in Feb of 2014. CEO, Mark Zoske and President, Naomi Novotny provided a grand tour of the facility and a little gourmet salt 1...

Sunset Magazine

October 2013
"With new attractions to drink in along with all that Cab, Woodinville is on its way to full-blown wine country." Sunset Magazine features a few of their favorite stops in Woodinville, Washington, highlighting a stop at SaltWorks. View the full article here.

Yoga Magazine

April 2010
Soak in skin nourishing, hydrating, and renewing minerals with the luxurious Mineral Essence Bath Salt Collection, as featured in Yoga Magazine. View the full article here.

Hemispheres Magazine

March 2010
A new breed of artisanal salt makers are shaking up everyone’s go-to flavor enhancer. Read the full article here.

O, the Oprah Magazine

October 2007
SaltWorks makes the O List with the Red Envelope Artisanal Sea Salt Sampler, a 24-jar set featuring SaltWorks' best selection of sea salts.


September 2007
For Saltworks founders Naomi Novotny and Mark Zoske, the key to success is true passion for what they're selling, as detailed in this Entrepreneur Magazine profile. Read the full article here.

Seattle Times

September 2007
The Seattle Times presents a profile of SaltWorks founders Naomi Novotny and Mark Zoske, as well as discussing the latest trend in wine and cheese tastings: sea salt as a palate cleanser. Read the full article here.

Time Magazine

September 2007
The new importance of salt is highlighted in a TIME Magazine article featuring some of SaltWorks' most popular salts.

Seattle Business

April 2007
SaltWorks, Inc. founder Mark Zoske shares the inspiration that led to his rapidly expanding business: a passion for sea salt, and the passion to share it with customers on the wholesale and individual level. View the full article here.

Gourmet News

February 2007
Gourmet News reports that SaltWorks, Inc. and its employees are transitioning to a new facility in Woodinville that's triple the size of their previous home in Redmond, a move that will support their rapidly growing business which has seen sales increase 2000% from 2003 to 2006. View the full article here.

Premier Living Magazine

Winter 2007
Premier Living magazine brings the latest trend of salt tasting parties to light in this article packed with suggestions for throwing your own. Naomi Novotny, president of SaltWorks, Inc., assists by offering a list of recommendations of the ideal Artisan® salts to try. View the full article here.

425 Magazine

Winter 2007
425 Magazine introduces a variety of Artisan Salt Company's gourmet sea salts, detailing the history and uses of many of these salts as well as offering a short history of SaltWorks, Inc. View the full article here.

Puget Sound Business Journal

November 2006
The Puget Sound Business Journal highlights SaltWorks, Inc. and founders Mark Zoske and Naomi Novotny, covering their rapid expansion and recent move, and revealing the online marketing strategy that has brought them this far even as they refuse to sell. Read the full article here.

Food Processing Magazine

October 2006
Minerals are categorized by how much the human body requires – 100 mg per day or more of an element and it’s considered a major mineral. Less than that, the element is referred to as a trace mineral. Read the full article here.


January 2005
If you're getting sick of the same old business ideas, then it's time to go online. The robust e-commerce market is hotter than ever, and it just may be the cure for what ails you. Read the full article here.


December 2004
More cooks are discovering the joys of salt from exotic locales. Read the full article here.

Food Processing Magazine

September 2004
Savory flavors and exotic salts can add the variety lacking in food for dieters. Read the full article here.