SaltWorks® Brands

Crafted with care in Woodinville, WA, our brands bring you the highest quality, all-natural and authentic sea salts for cooking and bathing. SaltWorks is devoted to sourcing and producing the finest, most flavorful and therapeutic salts from around the world. You've probably seen these names on grocery store and specialty retailer shelves—from beautiful boutique glass jars, refillable salt shakers and reusable salt grinders to re-sealable bulk bags of bath salts. If you purchase a SaltWorks salt, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best value and quality available.

Artisan Salt Co. offers the most expansive selection of gourmet, all-natural sea salts

Artisan® Salt Company

From gourmet finishing salts to unique flakes and delicious everyday options for cooking and baking, Artisan® brings you the absolute best quality and selection in functional salt shakers, ceramic grinders and beautiful boutique jars.

Fusion naturally flavored sea salts by SaltWorks

Fusion® Flavored Salts

Our incredible flavored salts add bright color, delicious flavor and flair to both sweet and savory dishes. Unique combinations of pristine, pure sea salt and a real food ingredient, Fusion® salts are all-natural and additive-free.

Pure Ocean pristine premium sea salt

Pure Ocean® Premium Sea Salt

A pantry essential, Pure Ocean® is a pristine premium sea salt. Pure and sparkling, this is an ideal salt for everyday use to season sweet and savory dishes, fill your tabletop salt shakers and reusable salt grinders or mills.

SaltWorks Ancient Ocean brand of Himalayan pink salt

Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt

The absolute highest quality and cleanest pink mineral salt on the market, guaranteed. Ancient Ocean® is available in a range of grain sizes and convenient packaging—from salt shakers and boutique jars to pantry-ready bulk bags.

All-natural Pacific Blue brand kosher flake sea salt

Pacific Blue® Kosher Flake Salt

The essential everyday gourmet salt, Pacific Blue® is the only all-natural kosher flake sea salt on the market. With a straightforward salt flavor, it's ideal for all-purpose seasoning and has a delicate crunch for a finishing touch.

Snowflake Salt is a stunning finishing flake salt made in the USA

Snowflake Salt®

A shimmering flake salt with a bright salt flavor, Snowflake Salt® is harvested and handcrafted by SaltWorks in the Pacific Northwest. The perfect finishing salt, Snowflake adds a stunning sparkle and a delicate crunch to any dish.

Ultra Epsom by SaltWorks is the highest quality epsom salt brand available

Ultra Epsom®

Maximum strength and therapeutic value, Ultra Epsom® is exclusive from SaltWorks. The highest quality, Ultra Epsom is USP grade and is available in a range of easy-to-use grain sizes for soothing soaks or making your own bath products.

Bokek brand authentic all-natural Dead Sea bath salt

Bokek® Dead Sea Bath Salt

Always guaranteed pure and authentic, our Bokek® brand is the highest quality therapeutic Dead Sea salt for bathing. Available in scented and unscented varieties in a range of grain sizes and bag sizes to best suit your bathroom.