SaltWorks® Sustainability

At SaltWorks®, we are committed to finding ways to reduce the impact of our work and manufacturing on the environment through sustainability practices and reduction initiatives. We make sustainability part of our everyday work environment—literally!

It's built into our building.

An exterior image of SaltWorks expansive state-of-the-art salt facility in Woodinville, Washington.

Our custom-built 130,000-square-foot salt processing facility in Woodinville, WA was built to be energy efficient. We installed 14-inch-thick insulation throughout that helps keep our heating & cooling usage and costs low. We use low-energy light bulbs and the majority of our lighting is scheduled, on timers or are motion-activated, so we're only using energy when we need it. In addition, our warehouse is also entirely electric, which means we don't use internal combustion engines. This helps keep the air clean both in and outside of our building and reduces emissions.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

We reduce waste by encouraging recycling throughout our offices and warehouse. We avoid using too much paper and email documents more than we print them! We reuse and recycle paper, and we partner with printing manufacturers to reuse and recycle ink & toner cartridges. We recycle all materials in the warehouse, including all of our nylon superbags! We also reuse our wood pallets and we offer used and old pallets free of charge to be repurposed by folks in our community.

We've worked hard to partner with transport and manufacturing partners that share similar sustainability goals. When packing ocean containers, for example, we developed a stacking methodology to maximize the use of vertical space (instead of just lining the bottom of the container), and we only ship containers that are completely full. When packing and shipping, we use recycled materials whenever possible and we use high-quality materials so that we can use less packaging overall, which reduces waste.

Reuse and recycle our packaging.

SaltWorks products are packaged in recyclable, sustainable and reusable containers.

Our plastic flip-top jars can easily be reused to hold more granulated salt, spices, sugar or baking soda. They can even be repurposed outside of the kitchen—consider using our larger 21 oz jars, for example, to hold cotton balls in the bathroom, or fill with Epsom salt to store on your deck and sprinkle on potted plants for a nutrient boost.

Larger screw-top plastic jars, like our Bokek® Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Essence™ jars can also be easily repurposed. The sturdy, clear plastic makes it easy to see and organize even the toughest clutter, from binder clips in the office to nuts and bolts in the garage.

Our glass jars are topped with sustainable, renewable natural cork lids. These gorgeous jars can be reused and repurposed throughout the house. They can easily be refilled with salt or spices in the kitchen, or put to good use elsewhere. From organizing beads, paperclips or pushpins in an office or craft room, to accumulating loose change, and keeping earrings and other small jewelry safe.

Bulk bags are recyclable plastic. While certain types of plastic, including #7, are not yet widely accepted by municipal recyclers, some curbside programs now accept them. Check with your local recycler to see if you can toss our bulk bags with the rest of your weekly recycling. This type of plastic can also easily be recycled by specialized companies like Terracycle. We are working hard every day to explore and invest in sustainable, recyclable and reusable packaging for all of our products!

Finally, as a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), we are committed to ethical sourcing. We've carefully built a network of FDA-registered suppliers around the world who are committed to caring for the environment where our salts our sourced, and we hold those suppliers to strict standards of ethical practices.