Flake Salt Collection

Six-Pack Salt Collections

by SaltWorks

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Our Flake Salt Collection is a limited edition set and contains six of the most delicious, crunchy flake sea salts handpicked from around the world. Treasured for their subtle flavor and crisp texture, these flaky crystals are perfect for finishing dishes with a savory crunch. A beautiful, curated gift set for the devoted gourmet cook or food lover in your life, the Flake Salt Collection is hand numbered so that you can be sure your gift is truly authentic and one-of-a-kind.

The Limited Edition Flake Salt Collection contains:

Essex Traditional Flake Salt: Harvested off the coast of England, this traditional flake salt boasts large, crunchy flakes with a pleasant salty flavor. Use it as a finishing salt on any dish or for topping your favorite cookie.

Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Flake Salt: Delicately crafted from prehistoric salt deposits located deep within the Himalayan Mountains, Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Flake has a light crunch and brings a balanced, mild-flavored finishing touch to any dish.

Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Sea Salt: Large pyramid-shaped crystalline flakes make this sea salt one of the most striking finishing salts available. The flakes look delicate but are surprisingly robust and stand up in a wide range of dishes.

Pacific Blue® Kosher Flake Salt: Harvested from the Pacific Ocean, this all-natural kosher flake sea salt is useful as both a finishing salt and as an ingredient in a variety of recipes.

New Zealand Flake Sea Salt: Natural sea salt harvested from the coast of New Zealand, this lovely flake sea salt is a wonderful finishing salt due to its light, crisp texture and pleasant flavor. Top any dish with a pinch or two.

Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt: The light, flaky texture of this artisanal Pacific Northwest sea salt is similar to fluffy, freshly fallen snow and the flavor is similarly mild and crisp. Finish dishes with a delicate sprinkle of it to add a light crunch at the table or just before you serve.

Certified Authentic

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


UPC 879322005600
Salt Description Flake Salt Collection
Shelf Life 10 Years Minimum
Container Type Flip Top Jars
Container Materials Plastic
Brand SaltWorks
TI/HI 12 x 6