Pacific Blue®

Flake Sea Salt Multiple Grain Sizes Available

by SaltWorks


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Harvested from the cool, clean waters of the Pacific Ocean, our all-natural Pacific Blue® Flake Sea Salt is a delicious replacement for your everyday kosher salt. Delivering all of the beneficial nutrients of natural sea salt while keeping the treasured flake texture, Pacific Blue is an unrefined flake sea salt that fits in with every part of your meal, from soup to nuts. Perfectly suited for baking, grilling, sautéing, braising, brining—even candy making, Pacific Blue is a natural sea salt with a light, fluffy consistency, making it the most naturally delicious way to season your food. This salt is perfect for any recipe that calls for kosher salt.

Kosher Flake: The traditional kosher flake, the Kosher Flake Pacific Blue is a great size for topping and finishing foods, or using in cooking, grilling and BBQ blends.

Ingredient Flake: The smaller flake of the Ingredient Flake Pacific Blue is an ideal size for baking and mixing into sauces, soups and stews. The smaller size ensure that these flakes melt evenly and quickly, giving you a smooth, salty flavor.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Pacific Blue
Salt Description Pacific Ocean Salt
Brand SaltWorks