Flavor Pairing: Flame Grilled Burger

When grilling burgers, don't skimp on the salt but save it for last! We like to sprinkle a finishing touch of salt just as the burgers come off the grill. You'll get a stronger salt flavor (and a little texture, too, if you choose a coarser grain) this way.

Intensify the flavors of the grill with an all-natural smoked salt, from subtly sweet and smoky Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt to rich and hearty Durango® Hickory Smoked Sea Salt or even brawny and rugged Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt.

If your grill gives enough smoke flavor, try a savory or spicy Fusion® flavored salt. A surprising but natural pairing with red meat, Espresso Brava Salt adds bold complexity and enhances the savory richness when sprinkled atop burgers or steaks. Habanero Heat Salt has just the right amount of spice to add a little sizzle and tang. For richer and more savory flavor, try a sprinkle of Roasted Garlic Salt or Toasted Onion Salt. Enhance the umami element with Wild Porcini Salt or elevate with a fresh and bright flavor like Sun Ripened Tomato Salt.

Key Ingredient(s)

El Dorado® Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt (Pictured)