Flavor Pairing: Grilled Halibut

Delicate, buttery halibut is the perfect opportunity to showcase and experience the unique variety of color and texture that sea salts offer. The eye-catching shape and color of Artisan® Cyprus Black Lava Mediterranean Black Sea Salt Flakes adds a distinct contrast and a pop of salty flavor with a delicate crunch. Artisan Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt in Coarse grain has a distinct crunch and briny flavor that balances the flavor of halibut and adds delightful texture to every bite. For brilliant color, crunch & a little island flair, try a sprinkle of Artisan Alaea Red Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt in Coarse grain. Fusion® naturally flavored salts add a splash of color, a touch of texture and delicious flavor. Our favorites to pair with halibut are Sun Ripened Tomato Salt or Spanish Rosemary Salt.

Key Ingredient(s)

Artisan® Cyprus Black Lava Flake Salt (Pictured)