Matcha Salt

Fusion® Flavored Sea Salt 25 lb Bag

by SaltWorks

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A premium green tea harvested in Japan, matcha has become popular for its grassy green, lightly toasted and slightly sweet flavor. To highlight the delicate aroma of the matcha, we gently combine pure, natural sea salt to create our Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt. Ideally suited to the clean, simple style of Japanese cuisine, this salt is best used in light dishes such as seafood or vegetables, in eggs or tofu, and in tempura or edamame. Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt also works well as a finishing salt due to its beautiful, spring-green color, making it an attractive way to top white chocolate truffles and fruit and almond-based desserts.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Made in the USA

Kosher Certified


UPC 879322003286
Salt Name Matcha Green Tea Salt
Salt Description Premium green tea sea salt
Grain Type Fine
Technical Grain Size 0.0 - 1.2 mm
Ingredients Premium Green Tea, Sea Salt
Net Weight 25 lb
Country of Origin USA
Geographical Region North America
Color Light Green
Salt Type Sea Salt
Shelf Life 3 Years Minimum
Container Type Bag
Container Materials Laminated Plastic
Brand SaltWorks
Flavor Type Infused
Flavor Green Tea
Uses Drink Rimmer
TI/HI 15 x 6