Bamboo Salt Sampler

by SaltWorks

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The Artisan® Bamboo Salt Sampler Set is the definitive gourmet salt collection with a selection of the most unique and rare gourmet sea salts available. The complete sampler includes 24 square glass jars each with a hand-milled cork top. The entire set is displayed in a gorgeous bamboo presentation box. This is the ultimate gift for the serious chef or salt connoisseur.

The Artisan Bamboo Salt Sampler contains:

Bamboo Presentation Box is a handmade storage case with a glass door and stainless steel hardware. The bamboo box is 12” x 12” x 4”.

24 Mini Glass Jars with hand milled cork. The jars are 1.5” x 1.2” x 2.4” and hold anywhere from 0.5 oz-1 oz of salt depending on salt variety.

Alaea™ Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt (Coarse): Treasured for its beautiful red color, Alaea is a natural sea salt that is infused with red alae clay, giving it a bright shimmer and mineral-rich salt flavor. The coarse grain size is perfect for spice rubs and as a bright, crunchy finishing salt.

Bolivian Rose™: This natural salt is mined from the pristine Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. The beautiful crystals are orange in color and have an exceptional flavor.

Cyprus Black Lava™ Mediterranean Sea Salt: The beautiful glossy, black pyramid-shaped flakes are the blend of our briny Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Sea Salt and activated charcoal—a natural flavor enhancer derived from coconut shells.

Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Sea Salt: Large pyramid-shaped crystalline flakes make this salt one of the most striking finishing salts available. The flakes look delicate but are surprisingly robust and stand up in a wide range of dishes.

Durango® Hickory Smoked Salt: Sea salt flakes from the Pacific Ocean are naturally smoked with untreated hickory wood, creating robust smoky flavor without the bitterness that liquid smoke and artificial flavors can add. Enhance your BBQ and grill recipes with this delicious smoked salt.

El Dorado® Mesquite Smoked Salt: The strong smoke of natural mesquite wood is inseparable from true Texas BBQ because of its robust profile. Pair this hearty smoked salt variety with dry rubs on brisket and ribs for intense smoky flavor.

Fleur de Sel: One of the most famous French salts, this delicate sea salt is known as “the caviar of salts” for its exquisite taste and moist texture. Use it as a finishing salt on any dish, from simple bread and butter to salted caramel desserts.

Flor de Sal: Flor de Sal is a deliciously moist sea salt that is hand harvested from the salt ponds of Portugal. Young sea salt flakes are gently skimmed from the surface of the water, creating a beautiful cream-colored finishing salt that is delicate and adaptable to any cuisine.

Flower of Bali Tropical Sea Salt: Hand harvested from the surface of tropical salt beds, this crisp, medium-sized crystal is fluffy due to its high moisture content and grain size.

Fumée de Sel®: Premium Fleur de Sel crystals are cold smoked over Chardonnay oak with a savory hint of wine, resulting in a smoky, slightly tart, savory finishing salt that adds luxury to any dish. Use it as a finishing salt when you need a dash of elegance.

Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine): Harvested from the ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayas, this pretty pink salt is crunchy, mineral rich and clean tasting. Use it as a delicious replacement for your regular table salt.

Hiwa Kai™ Hawaiian Black Lava Salt: Hiwa Kai Sea Salt is an exotic Hawaiian-style sea salt made with activated charcoal from the shells of tropical coconuts and pure, clean sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. This salt is a beautiful finisher to any dish, especially seafood.

Kala Namak Indian Black Salt (Fine Grain): An essential ingredient in authentic East Indian cuisine, this mineral-rich salt has a distinctive aroma and flavor of egg yolks. Try it in any Indian-inspired dish, or as a vegan replacement for egg flavor.

Mayan Sun™ Tropical Sea Salt: Hand harvested from the mangrove sanctuaries of El Salvador, Mayan Sun™ Sea Salt is a fluffy, moist sea salt that is similar to traditional Fleur de Sel. Enjoy it on grilled vegetables or seafood.

Mediterra® Mediterranean Sea Salt (Fine Grain): Harvested from the clear waters of the Mediterranean and dried by natural solar evaporation, Mediterra Sea Salt is a crisp, straightforward salt that retains its ocean-borne minerality in a pure, clean-tasting crunch.

Pacific Blue® Kosher Flake Salt: Harvested from the Pacific Ocean, this all-natural kosher flake sea salt is useful as both a finishing salt and as an ingredient in a variety of recipes.

Peruvian Pink Mountain Spring Salt: Hand harvested from spring-fed terraces near the ancient city of Machu Picchu, our Peruvian Pink Mountain Spring Salt tastes of mineral-rich mountain springs bubbling with cool, natural saltwater. Varying shades of gold and pink give these crunchy, medium-sized salt crystals a beautiful sheen to match their well-rounded flavor.

Salish® Alderwood Smoked Salt (Fine): Cold smoked over natural red alder wood, this extraordinary variety of savory smoked sea salt pairs deliciously with salmon and other seafood.

Sel Gris (Fine): Sel Gris Sea Salt is hand harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France, giving it a soft gray color and mineral-rich moisture. One of the most well-known gourmet French sea salts, Sel Gris has a crunchy texture and mild flavor. Try it as a lovely, mineral-rich replacement for your regular table salt.

Tamisé de Guérande: The medium-sized, gray crystals of this coarse grain Sel Gris add a pleasing minerality and lasting crunch without overpowering. The tamisé size is great for cooking, baking and topping caramel and chocolate confections.

Velvet de Guérande: Sel Gris is stone ground by hand until it reaches a smooth, silky feel reminiscent of luxurious velvet. This powdered salt feels similar in texture to fine baking flour, and is perfect for snack foods, such as popcorn, chips and roasted nuts.

Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt: Hand harvested from the lagoons along the famous “Salt Road” in Sicily, Trapani Sea Salt is a pure, clean sea salt from the rich waters of the Mediterranean. Use it as a sparkling replacement for your table salt.

Yakima® Applewood Smoked Salt: Aged apple wood has a subtly sweet, fragrant smoke that shines with lighter meats and vegetables, which makes this cold smoked sea salt one of our most popular.

* Please note: The selection of salts included in the sampler set may vary based on availability.

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UPC 879322000247
Salt Description Bamboo Salt Sampler
Shelf Life 10 Years Minimum
Container Type Cork Top Jars
Container Materials Glass
Brand SaltWorks
TI/HI 12 x 6