• Packaged Himalayan Salt

    Packaged Himalayan Salt

    The purest Himalayan Pink Salt, SaltWorks® Ancient Ocean® boasts full flavor & natural trace minerals. Available in a variety of packaging sizes, this salt is ideal for every day.
  • Himalayan Salt in Bulk

    Himalayan Salt in Bulk

    SaltWorks® Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt is the highest grade available. With a large selection of grain sizes, this bestselling salt guarantees delicious flavor & ease of use.
  • Himalayan Salt Crystals

    Himalayan Salt Crystals

    Our Himalayan Salt Crystals, Grater Chunks & Stones, made from the finest quality Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt, are a unique way to grate at the table, brine, decorate and more.
  • Himalayan Salt Slabs

    Himalayan Salt Slabs

    Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs are an exciting way to cook or serve food, delicately imparting a pleasing salinity & minerality to your food. Create some buzz at your next dinner or BBQ.