Sea Salt Flakes 3.3 lb Bucket

by Maldon Crystal Salt Company

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Maldon Sea Salt is a unique sea salt that is only produced by The Maldon Crystal Salt Company. Maldon Salt can be purchased in 8.5 oz boxes or 3.3 lb buckets.

Maldon Sea Salt is a completely natural product without any artificial additives, retaining valuable sea water trace-elements such as magnesium and calcium. Its pronounced and distinctive "salty" taste means less salt is required, an advantage for those who wish to reduce their salt intake. It is free from the bitter aftertaste often associated with other salts and salt substitutes.

Kosher Certified


UPC 5011428300059
Salt Name Maldon
Salt Description Sea Salt Flakes
Grain Type Flake
Ingredients Sea Salt
Net Weight 3.3 lb
Country of Origin England
Geographical Region England
Color White
Salt Type Sea Salt
Container Type Bucket
Container Materials Plastic
Brand Maldon
Flavor Type Unflavored