Optically Clean® Technology

SaltWorks® Optically Clean® technology distinguishes our sea salts as the purest on the market.

Optically Clean® Certified - Pure Ocean® Sea Salt

Committed to providing pristine, unadulterated salt, our proprietary Optically Clean process eliminates all foreign materials and flawed crystals, while leaving the raw salt just as natural as the day it was harvested: no washing, no chemicals and no tampering with Mother Nature’s components.

Depending on its natural environment, sea salt inherently contains traces of foreign materials, like sand, shells, rocks, seaweed, or clay. Of course, none is harmful, but these elements can be especially unwelcome or problematic for many applications.

The Optically Clean Process

At SaltWorks, we ensure ultimate purity by running the raw salt through a proprietary combination of sifters, aspirators, rare-earth magnets and metal detectors. This process detects and filters the unwanted materials from the salt. After this initial screening, the salt is ready for the most thorough process: the Optically Clean technology, a highly innovative operation developed by SaltWorks that inspects every single grain of salt for discoloration or any remaining unwanted foreign material.

The quality of salt can be determined by its color—most commonly, the whiter the better. However, some varieties carry specific trace minerals that give grains a uniquely beautiful color. On the contrary, undesired materials can affect the color as well. Our Optically Clean technology keeps the desired colors that are high in trace minerals, while removing the less desired colors.

With high-definition color CCD cameras, UV lights, air jets and a very fast computer processor, color sorters detect micro defects and remove the flawed crystals. As the crystals cascade from a chute, the CCD cameras capture images of the crystals from both sides. When a camera captures a defective crystal, its location is calculated and the unwanted crystal is removed with a single blast of air. Even a single particle—smaller than a grain of sand—can be targeted and removed.

SaltWorks – What is Optically Clean® Sea Salt?

SaltWorks® is committed to providing pristine, unadulterated salt — the purest on the market. Our proprietary Optically Clean process eliminates all foreign materials and flawed crystals, while lea…

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Depending on the salt variety, our state-of-the-art equipment is programmed with strict color specifications, keeping only the salt that falls within the acceptable color range. This chemical-free process results in only the cleanest, mineral-rich sea salt ready for distribution.

This operational process not only results in superior flavored sea salt, but it looks as perfect as it tastes. Optically Clean sea salts are beautiful on display in clear packaging, making the quality apparent and attractive to consumers. No more hiding your salt in cardboard containers!

Optical Sorter

After investing millions into these state-of-the-art optical sorters, SaltWorks is proud of this proprietary Optically Clean process: the only of its kind in the salt industry guaranteeing unrivaled purity.

Optically Clean® Certification Seal

Optically Clean® Certified Quality Guarantee

This seal represents only the purest salts on the market—no additives, chemicals, or foreign materials. The Optically Clean® operational process examines each grain, leaving only pure, unadulterated salt.