Flavor Pairing: Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream

Yes, you can add a sprinkle of salt on top of a scoop of ice cream! Sea salt adds a delightful pop of salty flavor that contrasts the sugary sweetness of ice cream, and a pleasing crunchy texture. Our favorite salt to sprinkle on vanilla ice cream is Fusion® Thai Ginger Salt. The crunchy crystals add a bright burst of zesty flavor. Fusion Vintage Merlot Salt adds an elegant hint of red wine and a gorgeous pop of color when sprinkled on vanilla ice cream (but it also pairs deliciously with chocolate). For either vanilla or chocolate ice cream, try a finishing touch of Fumée de Sel Chardonnay Oak Smoked Salt. Elegant, with a subtle smoke flavor, this salt will add a rich depth of flavor to your dessert. Our favorite salt to pair with chocolate ice cream is Fusion Espresso Brava Salt. Rich and robust, it is the perfect compliment.

Key Ingredient(s)

Fusion® Thai Ginger Salt (Pictured)