Flavor Pairing: Grilled Chicken

Enhance the flavor of the grill by adding a finishing touch of smoked salt to grilled chicken. Our favorite salt pairing is Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. The delicate flake texture adds just the right crunch and the smoke flavor isn't overpowering, perfectly suited to subtly enhancing the flavor fresh from your grill. Both savory and smoky, Wildfire® Smoked Sea Salt & Herbs is delicious paired with chicken. For unique flavor and a pop of color, try a Fusion® naturally flavored sea salt. Spanish Rosemary Salt adds delicate and savory flavor, while Szechuan Pepper Salt adds the intriguing tongue-tingling sensation characteristic of these peppercorns. For bright, fresh flavor, try a sprinkle of Lemon Twist Salt. The options are truly endless!

Key Ingredient(s)

Yakima® Applewood Smoked Salt (Pictured)