Flavor Pairing: Grilled Steak

For the best flavor and results, we like to wait and season our steaks with salt once they're off the grill and rested. This gives you better control of salt and seasoning, keeps the salt flavor fresh and easily experienced on your palate.

A finishing flake salt provides a pop of salty flavor and a subtle texture, enhancing the rich umami flavor of steak without overpowering your palate. For eyecatching sparkle, sprinkle on Snowflake Salt®. This shimmering flake salt has a versatile, balanced salt flavor. For beautiful presentation, the large, hollow pyramid-shaped flakes of stunning Artisan® Cyprus Flake are attractive, adding a subtle, dry crunch and light salinity that balances the rich meaty flavors of the grill. Other hand-harvested crystals, such as Artisan Flor Blanca Mexican Sea Salt and Artisan Mayan Sun Tropical Sea Salt, are moist, fluffy and compact, adding a delightful crunch and punch of salty flavor.

Intensify the flavor of the grill with a finishing sprinkle of gourmet smoked salt. Add savory, spicy or bold smoke flavor with our Smokehouse collection: Aromatic and herbaceous Wildfire® is especially complimentary if you're adding a pat of butter atop your steak; Hellfire® is smoky and spicy with habanero peppers; and Bonfire® is distinctive and bold, with a powerful smoke flavor.

Up the ante with a Fusion® naturally flavored salt. From elegant, earthy and aromatic Black Truffle Salt, to garden-fresh Spanish Rosemary Salt, there are plenty of savory and spices flavors to elevate your next steak dinner.

Key Ingredient(s)

Fusion® Espresso Brava Salt (Pictured)