Flavor Pairing: Dinner Rolls

Fresh-from-the-oven dinner rolls are livened up with a slather of good quality butter and a sprinkle of salt. Dinner rolls offer you an easy opportunity to experiment and experience different salt flavors and textures. Set your table with a small selection of different salts highlighting a range of shape, texture and flavor, so guests can try a few and find their favorites!

Experience the textural variety of sea salt with a sprinkle of stunning Cyprus Flake. For more crunch, try a hearty sprinkle of coarse grain Sel Gris. These moist, dense crystals are not only satisfyingly crunchy, but impart a rich, savory salt flavor that balances well with warm bread and butter.

As a finishing touch, Fusion® naturally flavored salts add color, texture and distinctive flavor to dinner rolls. Try herbaceous Spanish Rosemary Salt, or for a more rich and robust savory flavor, try Roasted Garlic Salt or Toasted Onion Salt.

Smoked sea salts offer robust, savory warmth and rich smoky flavor. Wildfire® Smoked Sea Salt & Herbs adds a delicate touch of smoke flavor. Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt gives a delicate crunch and a sweet-savory smoke flavor that isn't overpowering, while rich, robust Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt has a crisp, flakey texture and a hearty smokehouse flavor. A little sprinkle goes a long way!

Key Ingredient(s)

Fusion® Roasted Garlic Salt (Pictured)
Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt (Pictured)