Flavor Pairing: Edamame

Whether fresh or frozen, homemade or takeout, steamed edamame is the perfect to experience the range of textures and flavors of all-natural sea salt. Our absolute fave? Fusion® Thai Ginger Salt. The zesty flavor of fresh, juicy ginger brightens up edamame. Get creative when seasoning edamame with our range of Fusion® flavored salts: delicate Matcha Green Tea Salt adds a delightful hint of umami, while Sriracha Salt brings the familiar flavor of vinegar and chilies.

Sparkling white Pacific Blue® flakes are a stark and attractive color contrast and offer a delicate crunch and quick pop of salty flavor. If you’re looking for a more noticeable crunch, the irregular grains of Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt offer a mild flavor and pleasing texture.

Or try a sprinkle of smoked salt. (Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt is one of our top choices!)

Key Ingredient(s)

Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt (Pictured)