Use & Refill Instructions

for Artisan® Grinders & Shakers

Launched in 2005, our Artisan® brand was the first full line of gourmet salts, offering incredible access to the breadth of flavors, textures, colors and variety of all-natural sea and mineral salts.

We first set out to re-imagine the look and feel of Artisan two years ago. Designed for you, we spent years experimenting, designing, engineering and testing all new salt shakers and ceramic grinders.

We wanted to develop packaging that performs. Beautiful and functional, made with the highest quality materials, our new grinders, shakers and boutique glass jars are meant to be refilled and reused.

Here you'll find information on using our ceramic grinders, how to refill the salt shakers and grinders, and what salts work best in each type of container.

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How to Use a Ceramic Grinder

Before first use: Cut along the perforation marks on each side of the tamper seal to open the cap. Each grinder is shipped completely "closed" so you will need twist counter-clockwise (to the left) to "open" the grinding mechanism to allow salt to dispense.

To adjust the grind size: Twist the ceramic grinding mechanism counter-clockwise (to the left) for coarser (larger) grains. Twist the grinding mechanism clockwise (to the right) for finer grains.

Make sure to click the lid shut between uses to keep the container airtight and protect the salt from moisture!

First, flip open the lid.
Then, adjust dial for grind size. Turn clockwise for fine grain, and counter-clockwise for coarse grain.
Flip grinder over and rotate top and bottom sections to grind.

Refilling Grinders & Shakers

Our salt grinders and shakers can be refilled in the same way. Before you refill for the first time, you'll need to remove or break the tamper seal label on the sides of the lid. You can do this by peeling back the label (and then smoothing it back into place when you're done refilling), or you can gently cut the label between the clear container and the solid white band at the bottom of the lid. Please take care if you choose to cut the label!

Removing the lid is easy. Grasp the solid white band at the bottom of the lid (just above the clear container) and twist to the right. (The lid only twists in one direction, so if you can't get it to budge even after removing the tamper seal, try twisting in the opposite direction.) Lift off the lid and refill the container with salt (see our guide below for which grain sizes work best with the different lids we offer). Replace the lid at the same angle. There are grooves in the neck of the container that align with notches in the lid to help guide you. Then simply twist the lid back into place.

Peel back seal on both sides or carefully cut the seal just below the white band.
Grip the white band on opposite corners and rotate counter-clockwise.
Lift the top straight off.
Refill grinder with coarse grain salt, peppercorns or whole spices. Refill shaker with fine grain salt.
Re-align the top over the container at an angle and push down.
Grip white band and turn clockwise to lock the top back in place.

What type of salt do I use to refill?

Here's some of our suggestions for the best salts to refill your shaker or grinder! This list is based on the salts currently available in our new Artisan packaging, and is not exhaustive. We have lots of options! If you have any questions or want additional refill suggestions for your jar, please feel free to email us or give our salt experts a callcall.