SaltWorks® Reviews

Our happy customers are saying:


Shipment has arrived. Perfect product and perfect service. Thank you for setting the standard by which all others are measured.

Brice H.

April 2016

I tried the new website today, easy to navigate and order. The preview pictures are much bigger, the descriptions are more detailed and the products are the best around. I love SaltWorks! Thanks for having such a great site and products! I am a lifetime customer now, when I need or want salt or Epsom salt -- I go to SaltWorks. The prices are very reasonable too and Free Shipping -- Can't be beat! Keep up the great work guys.

Roger F.

March 2016

I just placed an order with you and wanted to follow up to let you know how pleasant and helpful the woman who helped me over the phone was. First of all, I was surprised that a "real" person answered the phone at all! And then she was so pleasant and helpful in answering all of my questions. I can't wait to receive my salts! I know how it is in business that you usually only get the bad feedback so I like to be sure to give good feedback when it is deserved. Thank you for the great customer service experience! I look forward to receiving the salts!!

Brandi J.

January 2016


Just wanted to thank you again. I ordered some Ghost Pepper Salt earlier this year for my immediate family. Now I have placed four more orders for Christmas for my five siblings and son. Our family is thrilled with your product and service. They are quite amazing. I'm hoping, well I know, the extended family will love it too!!!

Dawn G.

December 2015

Thank you for this generous offering of exquisite gifts for us to give to loved ones. Indeed, your company is the "salt of the earth!"

Della V.

December 2015

It is my first time using this product, I bought the Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt and added it to boneless pork chops with olive oil and garlic. Amazing!! Thank you for making a beautiful and delicious product. Can't wait to try other flavors.

Chrissy K.

June 2015

Love this place. Great service, awesome selection of salts and great prices. I am a personal chef and I love all the varieties and uses for the many salts you have available. Thanks, keep up the good work.

David H.

April 2015

SaltWorks has top quality products. SaltWorks is customer-friendly, has an easy-to-navigate website, and always top service. I appreciate the free shipping and the fast delivery. I've been a customer several times and will continue to purchase items from them. A good experience...always.


February 2015

I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful product! I have just started my business in the last 6 months with much success. I always feel confident when telling a customer about the salts I use and how great the company is that provides them to me. I have talked to other soap and salt makers and most use you, those who don't know about you I tell! And, Christmas was a real suprise with the salt slabs I bought for my gourmet cook sons. They were really dazzled.

Jane H.

January 2015


SaltWorks has the best price per pound for Epsom salts that I've found, and they provide a perfect product, well packaged, and with free shipping. I'm a customer for life!


December 2014

SaltWorks is my provider of gourmet salts...products have always been great. Meals are better since I became a customer years ago!

Jim R.

November 2014

Love your salt! I am thankful for your company and the wonderful products you offer. Even the free shipping, what a nice gift. It makes the difference in where I shop. Have a wonderful day and know your jobs touch so many other lives and the food that we feed our families! Thank you so very much!

Stephanie M.

October 2014

After being sick for 5 years from a toxic inhalation, my family uses the Relief Rx® Plus Psoriasis Treatment Program to feel better - even my son who is in 1st grade! Remarkably, it works. Something in this particular grouping must work on the lungs and respiratory system and we truly appreciate your product. Honestly, we had been mostly bed-ridden for over 3 years with severe lung and breathing issues and we are now slowly getting back on our feet to living "normal" life and functioning again in our community. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have our health coming back! We are so grateful and truly feel your product has helped us on our way to heal our bodies! Our family thanks you!

Connie M.

October 2014

Love the site, the prices and the free shipping. I make bath salts for Christmas, and other sites are much more expensive for the same items I can get in bulk here.


October 2014

I love SaltWorks! Only buy from SaltWorks now. Have tried others, they don't have the purity and consistent grades like SaltWorks. Ordering is quick and easy (always find what I want) and shipping is outstanding. SaltWorks is the BEST!

Maggie G.

October 2014

Received Durango Salt as a gift. It has a very rich smoky taste. It really jazzed up steamed vegetables and baked potatoes. Had to try some more of the smoky flavors.

Jimmy M.

September 2014

I loved finally finding a place to buy Epsom salt in bulk. I use it to make bath salts for gifts and with natural products. I was excited to find free shipping! Great site!


August 2014

Great website! Great customer service when needed! Highly recommended!!

Rachel H.

August 2014

I've been using Murray River salt both as my table and finishing salt for more than 10 years. It has lately been much harder to find, so I was very delighted to find you!


July 2014

I am a brand new customer and a forever customer I might add. I am writing to you because I placed an order on line. I was extremely pleased with the pricing and the free shipping that your company offered. But after a few minutes I was searching your website further and realized that you were offering an even better deal on the product I had selected. So I called your company. The young lady who answered the phone was so polite and helpful and patient with me. She did the math for me (thank you) and said that I would do better with the larger bag and went out of her way and changed the order for me. She was very kind and happy to do this for me. This is my very first experience with SaltWorks and you have a great customer service department. I appreciate that so much. I am in the Cosmetology industry and will pass SaltWorks on to as many people that I can. Thank you so much. You are a delight to do business with.

Debra M.

July 2014

SaltWorks is my favorite company for ordering any salt in bulk. Their service is great, shipping is prompt, quality is superb and website is fantastic. I've never had a problem ordering from this company.

G. Carmichael H.

July 2014

Just received my shipment of salts—I LOVE them! I make a lot of jerky—beef, buffalo and venison—and these salts will complement them all. I've resorted to hickory flavored Liquid Smoke and now I don't have to. As I tasted each salt, I envisioned each one with each different meat. Thank you so much and my husband thanks you too.

Sue J.

June 2014

This is our fifth order with SaltWorks. They have always delivered a quality product. We continue to be pleasantly surprised by their timely deliveries—much faster than we expect (2 days), since the delivery was free. Their product is excellent. We especially like the fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt. The Murray River Flake was a big hit with our 4th of July guests—they liked the way it melted on their food. Until we were exposed to Saltworks, we had no idea that salt could be so special.


June 2014

Thank you so very much for your great product! It has taken me 2 years to use up my 25 lb. bag, but it gives me so much relief from arthritis pain and stiffness! Thank you also for the free shipping and your nice is appreciated!

Karen B.

April 2014

I recently bought some Epsom salts. I had no idea how beneficial it was. I thought it was just something one puts into your bath. However much to my surprise, it helped greatly with my joint pain in my legs and ankles. My husband had the flu and after soaking in epsom salts felt much better. It wasn't until I looked it up did I know that it worked well on these issues. It will be a staple from now on. Even my son who drove in for a visit was skeptical but after soaking in Epsom salts he slept so well and it took away his headache which he had upon arrival. I must say, I am amazed.

Joan W.

March 2014

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your excellent service, fast shipping and quality product. My fiancé suffers from pretty bad back pain and muscle spasms. We have found that Epsom salts do an amazing job of managing that pain. However, buying 4 lb. bags from the grocery store was both inconvenient and expensive. I was able to easily find your company via some searching on Amazon, and was impressed with the cost (and free shipping) of your bulk salts. My fiancé especially likes your extra fine grain salt as it dissolves so easily. I've been impressed with your competitive price and very fast shipping, even going West to East coast. Please keep up the great work and we look forward to continuing to do business with your company!

Rance E.

January 2014

Just a note of thanks!!! While shopping for toppings for baked potatoes, I saw your salt in Smiths in Salt Lake City. Just so you know, I am one happy girl tonight. I love anything smoked and the Alderwood salt is great. I am so looking forward to using it on anything I can think of. Your company sounds like a great company. Thanks again.

Deb S.

January 2014


Quick service and great products. I know where I can get some Christmas gifts. Thanks!

L. Gough

November 2013

I've been trying to get rid of this horrible eczema on my legs for years. Steroids, all the treatments, but after one and a half weeks so far using your Relief RX product and your Bokek Dead Sea Salt, it is healing up and going away. I hope that after the full six weeks of treatment that I'll be all healed and able to wear shorts this summer. I'm very happy and hopeful. Thanks.

Greg H.

June 2013

I cannot believe how fast you send your shipments out. You guys are so awesome, I love your business!!

Patty E.

May 2013

Prices very good, nice looking site and very easy to navigate and use. Free shiping an added bonus :)


May 2013

You guys are incredible! I ordered some Himalayan Salt yesterday and got it today! And free shipping! I mean it — you are incredible. The best place to get nifty salt. Good work. Thank you so much.

Suzanne W.

May 2013

You guys ROCK! Your Epsom salt is the best in the business and the fact that you offer free shipping is so great! I have recommended your company hundreds of times to friends and business associates. Thanks!


April 2013

I absolutely love Saltworks. Your terrific gray salt is pretty much the only salt I use for cooking anymore. It absolutely revolutionized my concept of what salt should taste like. I have it in a jar in my kitchen all the time. And I've given it to others as a gift on several occasions.


April 2013

Great selection, great prices, great shipping cost. And GREAT tasting specialty salts!


April 2013

I've been without smoked salt for a very long time. I never could find that salt again... until today. I can't wait till I download those catalogs. Thank you-thank you-thank you.

Mark B.

March 2013

Many Thanks to all of you, I received my order in great shape and in a timely manor, very nice doing business with such a great company.

James B.

March 2013

What an interesting & informative site!! I especially appreciate the recipes & tips without having to make a purchase... and, WOW on the free shipping!! so many online purchases are out of reach for me because of, in my opinion, unreasonably costly shipping. thanks a lot for this opportunity to purchase things my family NEEDS at the absolute best shipping rates!! I will tell family & friends about this incredible deal!!

Jim D.

March 2013

Thank you! This was one of the easiest online purchases I have made to date; and there have been many. We look forward to using this Epsom salt (1 Tablespoon per plant) on our tomato plants; and it has proven to make them the best tasting in our 1,000 years history of raising plants!

Wendell T.

February 2013

This site is fantastic for the chef looking to insert interesting and complex favors into a dish with just a sprinkle. Looking forward to coming back.

Chef Christi

February 2013

SaltWorks is amazing! I love that it was easy to find what I wanted and to check out with no hassle. I ALWAYS compare websites before making my finally purchase because I like to know I got the best deal. Well, SaltWorks was by far the best deal and a website I plan to continue to order from. 

Jason D.

February 2013

SaltWorks is the best on-line site for purchasing salt - period. They have a wide array of products and their prices are great. And what makes this a bargain is their free shipping. Thanks Salt Works!

Alex A.

February 2013

I've been buying all my salt from Saltworks for years now. I wouldn't dream of buying from anyone else! And I love it when they have free shipping! Product selection is great too. No other company comes close.


February 2013

I was very satisfied with my order from SaltWorks. I ordered the 8x8x1 1/2 inch salt block and absolutely love it. The flavor achieved with food cooked on the salt block is second to none. I loved it so much I ordered an 8x12x1 1/2 inch salt block for a family member as a gift and also placed a third order for a 9 ounce container of fine Himalayan pink salt. Will I order from SaltWorks in the future? You betcha ya!

Krys P.

January 2013


I wanted to thank you for the free shipping and for the wonderful work you do by providing so much information and education on your website. Ever since I placed the order, no matter what kind of work I am doing on the computer, I invariably always end up reading about salt and salts for several hours, on all different sites and about all different purposes. What a fascinating subject...!!! I take this opportunity to wish everyone at a Very Happy Holiday Season and best wishes for the New Year.

Rosario R.

December 2012

I just want to say I''ve been using your products for a couple of years and ship to myself as well as friends and family. You guys do a fantastic job and your products are excellent. Free shipping is great and the products are always very quick to arrive. I love the ion of salts, especially the smoked ones. As a home cook my kids love experiencing the different salts, and always ask for their favorite at the table. All the best for 2013!

Jonathan W.

December 2012

To Your AMAZING TEAM AND COMPANY... From Swanky Fork Kitchen Shop in Red Lodge, Montana in a mountain town 10,000 feet in Big Sky Country . . . ranch chefs, our artisan restauranteurs and home cooks love your salts. They have added inspiration to our food ways and brought the salts from exotic places in the world to our remote part of the country. We have so enjoyed learning from all of you. Thank you for your talent and contribution to the culinary world. It is truly a gift!


December 2012

I phoned your customer service today with two questions and I had to write to tell you how totally awesome and refreshing it was to: 1. have the phone answered by a live person, not a recording. 2. have the phone answered by such an upbeat, friendly person (you could tell she was smiling by the tone in her voice). 3. Have my questions answered efficiently and succinctly. I will tell everyone I know about your great service, believe me! ...I will definitely spread the word and hope it results in more business for you -- you deserve it!! Thank you and happy holidays!!!

Kris J.

December 2012

I recently received my SaltWorks Order. I just took the Bizrate survey and gave SaltWorks the highest marks in every category, but I also wanted to comment on shipping. SaltWorks not only offered two great products I wanted at great prices with free, fast shipping but I also appreciated how well SaltWorks packed the items for shipping. I've received a number of damaged shipments from other merchants -- SaltWorks' was the best! That also makes it easy and a pleasure. Great job!

Karen A.

December 2012

I just wanted to thank you again... the order arrived in (I'm almost positive) less than 24 hours... awesome!!!!

Jannene W.

December 2012

I LOVE Saltworks and the variety of products and the helpful customer service people when I call!


November 2012

Good selection, good prices, and excellent service... my wife and I have identified two favorites that are well priced that we will continue to purchase. We ordered from another gourmet salt site once before, but prefer Saltworks. Thanks!

Dick S.

November 2012

Saltworks is an efficient company that provides an excellent product, namely, for me, the alderwood smoked salt. So incredible! As a chef and lover of fine, artisan salts, these products are top shelf!

Chef JP.

October 2012

I just love this website and even more love the products offered. The free shipping is loveable too!

Marsha W.

October 2012

Wow! I couldn't believe the service! I got my order the next day. Wow! Thank you! I will be placing another order here shortly. Thanks again!

Linda B.

September 2012

Their website is very organized and easy to find what I was looking for.  Their shipping process,  and e-mail notice of oder, etc. are very prompt.  Also, free shipping is very nice!

Kazuko I.

September 2012

Excellent website for gourmet salt products.  Great selection of products.  Excellent prices.  Excellent shopping experience.  Have bought from this company multiple times now and have always had excellent and prompt shipping of all products purchased.

Darrell E.

September 2012

I personally use your Himalayan bath salts. So when my employer was looking for sea salt as an ingredient in our products, you were the first (and last!) place I looked!

Gerald G.

August 2012

I have purchased from SaltWorks for various salts for my bath salts line for Albuquerque Rose Soapworks. My customers love the bath salts and I am so pleased with Saltworks and their quality products, their easy usage website and now free shipping. What a wonderful find. Thanks so much for helping the small business person.

Jane F.

August 2012

Great site. Great products. Free ground shipping seals the deal and beats all competitors.

Tony M.

August 2012

I have been buying sea salt from Saltworks for years. Saltworks offers an amazing selection of top-quality salts. Its prices are competitive, and its website is a gem. Free shipping is also a big plus.


August 2012

Hello, I received my first SaltWorks order, a classic salt sampler and small Maldon smoked. THANK YOU for a really quality, classy product. the hollow blown-glass bowls, dolphin - etched spoons and nice jars really were way nicer than I had expected. I will totally save up for the bamboo case and/or smoked set.


August 2012

Saltworks always gives good service and has quality products. They have no competition in my opinion.

K K.

July 2012

Hi! I just wanted to say Thank you so much for always having my order out so quickly! It really makes life easier!! Sooo much appreciated!

Tracy L.

July 2012

Love SaltWorks!

Phoebe K.

June 2012

We have had wonderful experiences with saltworks, this is probably our 5th or 6th order and we will continue to order from this site. We really like the free shipping!

Linda L.

June 2012

Great value selection and variety. 4-5 times haven't been anything but satisfied. Tthe only place to get salt!

Frank S.

June 2012

Salt Works is such a great company and it is a pleasure doing business with you all. Your customer service is by far some of the best service I have dealt with anywhere!

Christy R.

June 2012

Thanks so much for the speedy shipping, great catalog, and the wonderful contents!!

Ceci M.

June 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for your superior products and unbelievable service. Everything about your company is top notch and you are to be commended. I am a customer for life!!

Andrea S.

May 2012

I just ordered salt from your Co. it only took 2 days to get here. I have now sent your info to all my friends. Good price,got here fast and no shipping....what more can I ask.

Linda L.

May 2012

i'm very impressed with the speed of your free shipping! order placed 2:48 pm yesterday, arrived outside of eugene, or, via ups ground (free shipping) at 2:30 today!

Chris S.

May 2012

I just wanted to let you know that I just placed my 3rd or 4th order with you…the Mother’s Day Special…and I can’t say enough good things about your company.  Your shipping is wonderful, your products are FABULOUS, and your Customer Service personnel are the best.  Thank you…’s a real pleasure doing business with you!

Charlene G.

May 2012

Lots of thanks to SaltWorks, Inc. for my huge array of samples (over 50) of incredible salts & sugars... can't wait to use your products on the dishes we spoke about!

Jonathan Merrill-Chef.

April 2012

Just wanted to say thank you for offering beautiful salts at a reasonable price and free shipping to boot. I just placed another order, I will try the other salts eventually. Do you ever offer free samples? : ) Thanks again for your awesome company!

Renee D.

March 2012

Think this is the fist time I''ve ever felt compelled to give any type of feedback to anyone or company at any time. Kudos. Shipping was unbelievably fast, ordering was was easy, product is great, prices are even better ... kudos. I have family members that buy from Swanson and other companies but have converted them to you guys. Wow keep it up!!

Jason S.

March 2012

I first ordered @ christmast time in a "what to get for the man (dad) who has everything." moment. (We always used to fight over the salt shaker.) I then also bought for my brother in law and myself. I got each of us a sampler set, and I've gotten hooked on the cyprus salt. I also like that I can get Black too, (great presentation and even when I'm all alone it's fun when I'm feeling "gothy" lol) If you know how to do it, I'd be willing to put a link on my Facebook page, or anyway I can spread the word.

Amy D.

March 2012

You guys ROCK! I ordered my first smoked salt sampler a little over a year ago, then bought larger jars of three of them. About a month ago, I ordered your new smoked salt trio. The Bonfire, the Hellfire, and the Wildfire. Somehow, I was so confident in how it would taste, I also bought a three pound bag of the Bonfire. I love it! Every time I even open a container the smoke aroma wafts out and I am transported to a campfire.

Vicki A.

February 2012

Wow... that was the quickest web site shipment I have ever received! YOUR PRODUCTS ARE JUST OUTSTANDING and thank you Rachel for contacting me so promptly on availability. Very impressive and thank you so much. I am for sure a very satisfied customer and will be recommending your company AND ordering from you again.

Bren L.

February 2012

My salt order just arrived and I'm so excited. I've already refilled my container and shaker and can't wait for dinner! You now have a long-term customer with recommendations to make.

Eileen K.

January 2012

I just wanted to let you know that your salts are the best ever. I am originally from the PNW (here now in AZ yet wish I were still home!) I was at AJ's Fine Foods and was trying to find some sort of seasoning salts to put on my fresh sockeye salmon. I ran across your hickory seasoning salt. I opened it up when I got home and ,"WOW!!!" I dont know how you were able to bottle a natural scent like that. It brought back memories of being on Puget Sound with a bonfire. The flavor is as awesome as the scent! I just wanted to let you know that I love your products. Please make sure they stay at AJ's in Phoenix! Thanks again.

Nora B.

January 2012

Ordering was so easy and simple to us..Loved it!!! cant wait for my order to come I love your sea salts..The free shipping was great...

Charlotte K.

January 2012


I just received my fusion salt sampler. Wanted to let you know the packaging for this product is wonderful. I''m glad I also purchased one as a gift. Can't wait to use it.

Ceil D.

December 2011

Just ordered two Trio (Smoked Salt) packages for Christmas gifts. Thanks, SaltWorks! You have the very best salts.

Robin W.

December 2011

Your products are sentational; your fulfillment is extraordinary -- I LOVE Salt Works and will never order from anybody else!

Andrea S.

December 2011

Hi! I am the winner of your contest, and all of my wonderful salts arrived today. Thank you so much! I didn''t expect there to be such a wonderful assortment. I am sharing with friends. Hopefully they will become your customers, as well. Again, thank you!!!

Angela O.

November 2011

The shopping and checkout experience was great, and free shipping too! Thanks.

Laura F.

November 2011

I am so glad I found this site! Your salts are one of a kind! They are a great complement to any dish! Thank you!

April S.

October 2011

Received my beautiful package yesterday.  Thank you.  The free shipping was very generous (it was heavy!).  I will order again.  Best. 

Cindy G.

October 2011

About 3 months ago I purchased French Grey Salt and Himalyan Pink through your bulk sales section. I'm writing to give feedback on my purchase. These are the best salts I've ever tasted and it would be a crime not to let you know. I've shared some with a couple of co-workers who enjoy cooking gourmet food and also with another who has health issues and could benefit from changing over to natural salts with all the minerals. I did a lot of research before deciding to make my purchase from your company since this was the first time I tried either of these salts. I unknowingly had purchased "sea salt" and didn't really understand the labeling until I read your health information and found out that that not all sea salt has the minerals intact. As soon as I found out that many salts being marketed as sea salt have been stripped, I ordered from you and put aside the other salts for cleansing and household purposes because they had been refined. I've been sharing your website with my friends and people I meet. Thank you so much for your great product, great prices and information that benefits our health.

Gwen D.

October 2011

I want to thank you for your free shipping and say that I ordered some of your products on the 22nd and they were delivered on the 23rd! I really appreciate your business practices. As far as your product goes I have used it in the past and it is fantastic quality and taste. I am so pleased with your salt products, your service and the prices that I plan to order more for Christmas presents for my family. Thank you again!

Jean P.

September 2011

Smooth sailing through your online ordering process. Just a quick note to express my gratitude for ALL of your very informative pages on salt varieties, I am thoroughly impressed with the wealth of information offered here on your site! Really looking forward to receipt of my order so I can try some of what you offer! Respectfully -

Loretta T.

September 2011

I have only ordered from your company twice, but am compelled to give you some feedback. Not only is the quality of your product (both edible and bath) SUPERIOR, your prices reasonable, but your ordering and shipping process is truly UNBELIEVABLE. Yesterday at 2:15 p.m. PDT I placed an order for 5 products. Eighteen hours later the UPS driver delivered my order. While I realize Woodinville Washington is not a great distance from my home in Oregon, this kind of service is exemplary and must be acknowledged. Your name and reputation will be spread far and wide throughout all my friends and relatives. Thank you for demonstrating what a well-run company can do!!

Mark M.

September 2011

I just wanted to tell you that BONFIRE Smoked Sea Salt is by far the best I have EVER used, and I am 62!

Cheryl J.

August 2011

Thank you, Saltworks. I love your products. Most of all I appreciate your fine customer service. Despite my orders being small you give them excellent attention. I tell all of my friends how great it is to do business with you.

Carolann H.

August 2011

Outstanding customer service! Thank you!!

Diane W.

August 2011

Wow! I just recieved my order of Bonfire smoked salt. What a hit! It makes an excellent finishing salt. The smoked flavor is strong but not over powering and the flakes add great texture. 2 thumbs up!

Bob H.

July 2011

Just wanted to say that you guys are on the ball.  You have already shipped my product and thats awesome.  .  . Thank you!

Chef Laura Walker

June 2011

To all the staff at Saltworks.....just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. This is my second 5# order of the Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt... I love it !! And have been sharing it with all my family and friends. Thank you for your prompt service and appreciated the ''free'' delivery


June 2011

I''ve been ordering from you for a good while and just wanted to say I really appreciate your fine products and the free shipping!!

Christine G.

May 2011

Hi, just ordered some of your products on April 23. Received the shipment today (April 27). Thank you! I am impressed by your prompt response and excellent packing job. Received a response from UPS too. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your business philosophy and customer care. Looking forward toward repeat business and will recommend you to our friends.

David E.

April 2011

I got my order and it was delivered on time. It was very prompt, I am so happy about the service and the product. The staff who took my order (Erin) was so proficient, polite and she accommodated me well. Until my next order. And more power!


April 2011

You people are absolutely fantastic and your products are the best. Whenever I need salt products, you will be my source from here on...simply splendid service and fast shipping to boot. Keep up the good work!!.

Andrea S.

April 2011

I purchased the Himalayan Sea Salt and the Bokek Dead Sea bath salt... both are of the best quality I have ever received. I took a nice bath and felt so relaxed and refreshed and the Himalayan is so delicious and you need just a little, it goes a long way. I am so pleased with my purchase and will be coming back for more, can't wait to try some others. Saltworks Rocks!

Debra A.

April 2011

Yesterday I ordered 4 different salts and was SHOCKED to receive them this afternoon. I've already told my friends and family and gave you kudos!

Matthew K.

March 2011

Thank you so much, been shopping here for years and every online experience is very simple and pleasant. Love to read all about your salts. Thank you for great online service.

Patricia B.

March 2011

Your products are outstanding and your service is superb. Kudos!

Charles C.

March 2011

I just received my first order of Bokek Dead Sea Salt and am SO impressed. I opened the packaging and gorgeous white salt was all I could see. My previous suppliers' product contained rocks, impurities, etc. and the bulk of my packaging time was spent sifting out the trash. Thank you for absolutely pristine Dead Sea Salts!

Cathy G.

February 2011

I received my order yesterday; thank you. The smoked salt is amazing!

Jan Z.

February 2011

I just wanted to thank you for your fast shipment, and I love the Epsom Salts! The reason for giving you guys a go, I have to admit, was the free shipping. I use this, as well as my 22 month old son, 3 to 4 times per week for a good wholesome soak. Again I love your product, please keep up the free shipping. Thank you for your wonderful product!!

Pamela G.

February 2011


Just tried your Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, wow! Never having tried smoked salt before it added a ton of flavor. Great product, you guys rock. Will recommend this to all my friends, keep up the great work.

Thomas T.

December 2010

Imagine my delight—after years of purchasing Maldon Sea Salt when visiting England—to find out that Saltworks in Woodinville carries the BEST salt on the planet! Truly delighted to know there is a local resource as I don't cook with any other type of salt. It's Christmas Day and we just discovered we're nearly out of the last box—so thrilled to place an order for 2 boxes online! Happy Christmas!

Nancy C.

December 2010

Thank you for your incredibly fast free shipping, reasonable pricing, and quality product. Although I had not previously tasted your smoked sea salts, after searching online, I decided to give you and your product a try for Christmas gifts. I am very pleased with my purchase of Salish Northwest Alder Smoked Pacific sea salt and will be back. Thanks.

Sara F.

December 2010

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful e-store. I couldn't believe finding your site. I have tried to tell all of my cooking/chef-type friends. The offers you provide at times and your competent attention to detail is nothing less than spectacular. I love shopping here and your emails as to specials, offers and discounts. Thank you so much for all your efforts. I found you when I got back from the UK a couple years ago when I discovered Maldon Sea Salt. When I found your site I ordered a case...LOL. I realize that I am just one small individual customer, but it is at least one very pleased customer.

Dr. Harold B.

December 2010

Oh, you evil, evil people! Just HAD to get the 10x5 Himalayan salt slabs! Thank you for such a great price! I appreciate it. I got my last order and everything is perfect! The Salt plates will be used for cool foods and the new slabs for cooking. The salt plates are just beautiful! Thank you so much for the high quality and care you put into your products! — A very satisfied customer!

Audra P.

December 2010

I recently ordered several bath salts to make teachers/family gifts with a recipe I've wanted to make for several years. I just wanted you to know that you may just be my favorite new site. I was so excited I have shared your web address with just about anyone who will listen. From one salt lover to another. Thank you. :)

Corrina C.

December 2010

I just want to thank your company for the exceptional customer service I recently received. A few weeks ago I ordered the Best Bath Salt Collection and it arrived damaged. The external packaging was intact so it must have been damaged prior to shipping. Since this made the product ungiftable I contacted Saltworks to see if anything could be done. Naomi Novotny quickly replied to my email and had a new collection sent out immediately. It arrived today in great condition. A great product, combined with great customer service can be hard to find, but Saltworks really stands out by excelling at both. Thanks again and I look forward to ordering from Saltworks again.

Amber B.

December 2010

Just wanted to let you know my order got here today.  Thanks for the super quick service!

Kathy M.

December 2010

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your company. I placed my order on the 18th and it arrived on my doorstep on the 19th, well wrapped and in perfect shape. thank you! two xmas gifts down :)

Sarah M.

November 2010

Hello, received product 2 days ago and was all ok. It was a pleasure doing business with you and will be putting in another order sometime soon...Thanks, satisfied and happy.

Thomas B.

November 2010

I'm taking this opportunity to thank you so much for your wonderful salts! I must say that I have been nothing but pleased since finding your site (not to mention your lightning fast delivery).

Lee S.

October 2010

This order was a birthday present for a dear friend. She received it two days before her birthday and faster than your estimated day of delivery. It was a big hit! I am so pleased with your company and service. Thanks so much.

Cathi P.

October 2010

You're the BEST! Thanks for being there for us salt enthusiasts with the best prices on the net!

Jeanne P.

October 2010

Wow! I am forever hooked on your pink salt. Thanks!

Ric S.

October 2010

Thank you for your promptness in helping me place an order for my daughter's birthday—what great service.

Imelda L.

September 2010

Wow! HUGE shipment from you! We are so excited to have so much salt! This will last us for a long time! Thank you!

Andrea C.

September 2010

Your website and purchase process is always delightful and easy to use.

Sharron N.

September 2010

Greetings, I just wanted to thank you for your delightful products. I am enjoying ordering gifts for friends (and for myself, too!). Big smile and thank you!

Jo S.

August 2010

The gourmet salt sampler that I ordered on Saturday just arrived (on Tuesday afternoon) and I thank you for the speedy delivery.

Antoinette T.

July 2010

I just wanted you to know that the Alaea Hawaiian salt I ordered 48 hours ago arrived. I am thrilled! I ordered the salt because I had run out of the supply I had from Maui. In Victoria B.C. where I live, every kind of salt imaginable is available...if it's French! I tried to work with local gourmet retailers here and elsewhere in Canada with no luck at all. You were a last resort and I got your name haphazardly when a store here mentioned your name but said she wasn’t ordering anytime soon. You won’t be a last resort anymore! Thank you for the top quality service and product!

Leanne K.

July 2010

Woo-hoo! Just recieved my Smoked Salt Collection via UPS. The tray is very nice, and you now send three spoons. Of course the real treat will be tonight when I grill chicken with some Fumee de Sel and vegetable skewers with the Bali. Now, what to do with the Salish? Great salts and #1 service!

Lorin S.

June 2010

I no sooner emailed the order was delivered! Wow, you folks play on top of your game!

Rich K.

June 2010

I recently received an order from your company and there was an item that was shipped incorrectly. I called and spoke with Monica to see what needed to be done to correct the order. Monica was lovely to speak with and very helpful. She assured me the correct item would be shipped immediately and to keep the incorrect item! I nearly fell off the chair! I was expecting a list of return instructions and a trip to the post office. This was such a refreshing approach and so very appreciated. I will definitely use your company again and will tell my friends who also enjoy cooking and using unique ingredients, about your company. Just thought you should know!

Candace W.

June 2010

I found your salt at Central Market. I have tried every wood-smoked flavor they carry. I am addicted to Durango Hickory Smoked Sea Salt. It is my opinion that your hickory smoked salt is the best thing to happen to salt since salt itself. I have been buying bags of it and giving it to my friends and family. I have developed a sugar cookie recipe that uses the oak smoked salt. Thanks, folks, for enriching my life with your amazing salt. I'm a fan for life.

Robert B.

May 2010

I just want to take the time to thank you for shipping the Dead Sea salt to Canada. The package was delivered yesterday. Your customer service has gone far and beyond everything I expected. You have definitely earned a loyal customer here!

Patricia D.

May 2010

I received my order today. All I have to say is, wow, these are better than I expected. The packaging is simple but elegant.


May 2010

I want you to know how much I appreciate your products and service. I regularly soak in baths with this salt—it is the only thing that helps the stiffness and pain of arthritis—thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vicki R.

April 2010

I want to thank you for such wonderful cooking salts. I have only used grocery store sea salt and I now have the Velvet and Trapani. I tried the Velvet and the flavor brings my food to a whole new level of enjoyment. I am giving the Trapani to a friend for a housewarming gift and I just ordered another jar of Trapani for myself. The free shipping is a wonderful bonus.

Tamara G.

April 2010

Your Himalayan pink salt is superb. Already gave my sea salt to my daughter and her family—maybe she is ready for a change to pink. Your product is exactly as you advertise it, except better. Looking forward to using your ocean salt for canning my hot pepper relish later this summer.

Ric S.

March 2010

I can't remember how I discovered your site, but I ordered a gift for a friend from you last year. I just want to let you know that I receive your emails, enjoy reading your content, and like your website. Of course, I plan to order from you again.

Fran F.

February 2010

I just wanted to let you know that your salts are amazing! I'm totally hooked. I don't even use other spices anymore because your salt covers it all!

Julie L.

February 2010

I received your Mineral Essence Bath Salt Sampler as a gift, and wow. It was the best gift this year. I enjoyed each scent more than the last. Tangerine Sage was my favorite. The scent lasted longer than the hot water in my bath. I could go on and on about how much I love the product: the look, the smell, the way my skin felt when I got out of the bath. I have found my new favorite bath salt.

Fran S.

January 2010


Thank you for your prompt attention and shipping. The item ordered has been received. It's great, giving us a chance to try each product. Great idea! Thanks again.

Richard R.

December 2009

I ordered on Wednesday the 15th and received my order today, the 17th. U.S. to Canada in 2 days! Never had that happen before. I'm absolutely thrilled and can't wait for a trial run. You guys rock!

Bette B.

December 2009

Thank you! The sales help I received was excellent!


December 2009

Thank you for totally replacing my salt order. I only expected a new top. However I have been so happy with the product I have referred two customers to you and I feel very good as you have been so generous with your customer service. Thanks.

Ron M.

December 2009

Just wanted to say ordering from this company was one of the most positive experiences I've had with any ordering online.

Joan P.

November 2009

Thank you for your promptness and your excellent customer care. You run a very honest business. I also envy your location. I hear Woodinville is beautiful…and they have great wine and beer!

Chris S.

October 2009

I am in receipt of my salt items, not 48 hours after placing my order, and that was the fastest, best service and shipping time I have EVER experienced in ALL my years of online purchasing!!! (And there have been many, many purchases!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for having excellent products, prices and service! A VERY satisfied customer.

Toni W.

August 2009

Thank you! I appreciate your great customer service. I can’t wait to use the grey salt.

Rose Ann S.

February 2009


I just received my first order from you, and I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with your lightning-fast shipping and great product. I could not be happier! Thank you so much. I'll definitely order again, and recommend you to my friends and family.

Cheryl A.

August 2008

Wow - you have the best service of any online business I have ever dealt with. Thank you, thank you.

Misha M.

August 2008

This salt is awesome! I ordered the Gray Sea Salt and just got it today. I tried a taste of it and it is not over-powering like the refined table salt that 80 percent of us use. You have made a believer out of me. Excellent!

Kara D.

June 2008

I love your salt! Here's a great story for your files: my mailman John stopped me this Saturday and said "Remember when you gave me that tomato sandwich last summer? It had that great salt on it. I loved that salt." I told him I had to order more and would happily give him one of my containers when it arrives.

Pat E.

April 2008

Your products are superior and are worth waiting for. Thank you for the follow up. I appreciate the information. I have recommended SaltWorks to many of my friends and they enjoy your quality as well, and I will continue to do so.

Kelly T.

February 2008