Wholesale Gourmet Salt

Packaged Wholesale Gourmet Salt

Gourmet Salt Packaged Wholesale

A must for any gourmet shelf, SaltWorks® packaged gourmet salts are the highest quality available. Our extensive selection is offered in a range of attractive packaging options.

Bulk Wholesale Gourmet Salt

Gourmet Salt Bulk Wholesale

SaltWorks® bulk gourmet salts are ideal for grocery, repack or food processors. Our proprietary production processes guarantee the highest quality & most delicious salts available.

Wholesale Bath Salt

Packaged Wholesale Bath Salts

Bath Salt Packaged Wholesale

Essential at the spa or bath & body shelf, SaltWorks® wholesale packaged bath salts are the highest therapeutic grade. In scented or unscented, there is a selection for everyone.

Bulk Wholesale Bath Salts

Bath Salt Bulk

Whether for repack, bath salt blends or large volume spa use, SaltWorks® produces a wide range of the highest quality, therapeutic wholesale bath salts in bulk for volume purchase.


Various ingredient salts

Ingredient Salt

SaltWorks® proprietary quality processes ensure the ultimate all-natural ingredient salts, expertly crafted to meet our customers’ manufacturing & processing requirements.

Salts for Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distributors

SaltWorks® range of premium salts offers the very best all-natural salts in attractive packaging options for wholesale and distributors.

Food safety checklist in progress

Food Safety & Certifications

At SaltWorks® state-of-the-art food production facility, food safety is our priority. View more information about our certifications here.

Artisan® retail salts

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SaltWorks Product Catalogs

SaltWorks Catalogs

View SaltWorks current product catalogs in downloadable PDF files.

Various SaltWorks branded products

Our Brands

SaltWorks offers the largest selection of specialty sea salts in the world from superior brands such as Artisan Salt Company®, Fusion® All-Natural Flavored Sea Salts, Pure Ocean®, and Bokek® Dead Sea Salt.

SaltWorks headquarters in Woodinville, Washington, USA

About Us

For merchants of specialty salts and salt-related products, SaltWorks offers certain access to the world's finest salts. With a ready supply, relentless commitment to quality, and constant exploration in flavors, we provide our partners the essential ingredient advantage.