Red Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt Coarse Grain

by SaltWorks


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An all-natural, red Hawaiian-style sea salt with undeniable gourmet flair, bulk Alaea™ Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt offers wholesalers and restaurateurs a chance to add an exotic touch to their fine foods. Traditionally used for its moisture-retaining and flavor-enhancing properties, Alaea is an all-natural combination of Optically Clean® Pacific sea salt and purified red alae clay from the island of Kauai. Beautiful in color with full flavor and especially hard crystals, Alaea holds its own in hearty, juicy, or saucy dishes. The added native alae clay helps seal in moisture, and makes this an ideal choice for roasting meats. Available wholesale in Fine grain, ideal for salt shakers or snack food manufacturers, and Coarse grain, which is perfect for spice blends and rubs.

COARSE GRAIN: The dense, crunchy crystals of Coarse grain Alaea Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt are the perfect solution for topical applications on everything from energy bars to chocolates, adding an impactful pop of flavor & color. This larger grain size is also easily mixed into spice blends and rubs.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Made in the USA

Optically Clean®

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Alaea
Salt Description Red Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt
Brand SaltWorks
Kosher Certified Yes
Optically Clean Yes
Uses Drink Rimmer, Spice Blends