Applewood Smoked Sea Salt Multiple Bag Sizes Available

by SaltWorks


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Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt by SaltWorks® is a small flake sea salt, cold smoked with aged apple wood. This smoked variety brings a slight smoky sweetness appropriately complemented by its subtle crunch. One of the most popular fruit woods used in smoking, the small flake texture lends itself to a variety of uses for food manufacturing. SaltWorks proprietary all-natural smoking process ensures authentic smoked flavor, without the bitterness of artificial flavorings. The light flakes incorporate nicely into blends and rubs, but also provide a delicious salty & smoky flavor when used topically or as an ingredient in snacks, frozen foods, or confections. The versatility of wholesale Yakima available in bulk also makes it an ideal choice for any commercial kitchen, as it is mild enough to complement fish & vegetables, but hearty enough to make an impact with preparations of lighter meats, like pork & poultry.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Made in the USA

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Yakima
Salt Description Applewood Smoked Sea Salt
Grain Type Flake
Brand SaltWorks
Uses Drink Rimmer, Spice Blends