Artisan Salt Company®

The New Look of Artisan

Globally sourced—from the salt ponds of France to the famed Salt Road in Sicily, from Mexico to the Mediterranean, Southern Australia to the Himalayan Mountain range—the Artisan Salt line is the most comprehensive selection of all-natural, high quality traditional salts, artisanal finishing salts and delicious smoked salts crafted right here in the USA.

First introduced in 2005, Artisan was the first full line of gourmet salts ever offered, giving consumers incredible access to the breadth of flavors, textures, colors and variety of all-natural sea salt.

The new look of Artisan launched in January 2017. Featuring eye-catching, intricate artwork with on-trend metallic accents, we wanted to create packaging as stunning as our selection of salts that our customers would cherish. We're expanding the line everyday with new varieties and packaging styles.

Benefits for Retailers

Leveraging more than 15 years of experience, we designed the new Artisan line to offer an attractive, cohesive shelf presence across multiple merchandising points. From shelves and eye-catching endcap displays to standard spice racks, our Boutique Glass Jars, Salt Shaker Jars, Ceramic Grinders and Pour Spout Pouches are unlike any other spice jars on the market, guaranteed to catch and keep your shoppers' attention!

Boutique glass jars with sustainable walnut lids

Boutique Glass Jars

  • Low profile makes them easier for customers to use: grab a pinch of salt with fingertips or a spoon.
  • Gorgeous, unique, sustainably harvested American black walnut wood lids.
  • Offers compelling and distinctive shelf appeal.
  • 15 varieties available.
Refillable salt shakers

Refillable Salt Shakers

  • Standard display width fits in existing retail spice racks.
  • Unique square shape ensures the shakers always face forward in racks.
  • Refillable, reusable and made of unbreakable BPA-free polycarbonate.
  • 17 varieties available.
Adjustable ceramic grinder

Reusable Salt Grinders

  • Completely ceramic adjustable grinding mechanism won't dull, rust or break.
  • Standard display width fits in existing retail spice racks.
  • Unique square shape ensures the grinders always face forward in racks.
  • Refillable, reusable and made of unbreakable BPA-free polycarbonate.
  • 9 varieties available, including new Malabold® Tellicherry Peppercorns.
Pour spout pouches for refilling

Convenient Pour Spout Pouches

  • Best value with the highest volume potential for our varieties.
  • Aesthetically stand out on store shelves.
  • Merchandise independently or in conjunction with all other Artisan packaging.
  • Convenient for customers to use. Makes refilling Artisan jars, shakers & grinders easy.
  • 27 varieties available, including new Malabold® Tellicherry Peppercorns.

Introducing: Peppercorns

Malabold peppercorns in a ceramic grinder and pour spout pouch

Malabold® Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold

Salt & pepper are together again and better than ever. We're proud to introduce the latest addition to our Artisan line: gourmet Tellicherry peppercorns.

Born of the belief that pepper is salt's best flavor partner, we scoured the globe looking for the highest quality peppercorns. Our first ever pepper product, Malabold® is classified as Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold (TGSEB), a designation given to 10% or less of each year's crop. This classification reflects the quality and robust flavor of these peppercorns, as well as their consistent color and round, globular shape. These peppercorns ripen fully on the vines before harvesting to develop their rich, renowned flavor, biting heat and woodsy aroma. We take it to the next level by hand-sorting the berries and then run all peppercorns through our Optically Clean® proprietary color-sorting technology to ensure they are consistent and that you are receiving the absolute best of the best.

Discover Malabold

Packaging that Performs

We first set out to reimagine our Artisan line two years ago. We started by gathering salt shakers, cellars, jars, grinders and other cool kinds of packaging whenever and from wherever our teams traveled. We amassed containers from all over the world. This accumulation ultimately helped us discover what we didn't want.

We didn't want to make containers with cheap materials. These are harder to recycle and aren't as durable. So, we invested in the highest quality raw materials available to make our new Boutique Glass Jars, Shaker Jars and Ceramic Grinders attractive, durable for everyday use, and long-lasting to be refilled and reused continuously.

We didn't want to make salt grinders that were metal or plastic. These materials can corrode, rust or break. They're harder to recycle, too, and limit the lifespan of the container and grinder. Many pre-filled salt grinders on the market aren't refillable, so the container and grinding mechanism are tossed in the trash when empty. We wanted to create something sustainable, dependable and technologically-advanced that people could refill and reuse. So, we engineered a ceramic-on-ceramic grinding mechanism that won't dull, rust or break. It's infinitely adjustable, giving users the greatest control over what kind of salt granulation they want.

We know a lot of consumers use salt shakers over steaming pans during cooking or to season a piping hot dish just before serving. This moisture can cause salt to stick to the surface of the lid, making it difficult to close. We addressed that issue and solved the problem by inventing a lid with flip-top cap that closes completely even if some salt grains stick to the surface or even in the hinge. This keeps our Ceramic Grinders and Shaker Jars airtight when not in use.

We didn't just want our containers to be cool. We wanted them to function well for individual consumers and our wholesale retail customers. We wanted to invent packaging that performs.