Reinventing Artisan® Salt Co.

We've been teasing it in the press, building buzz on social media and we're so thrilled that our reimagined line of Artisan packaging is now available in wholesale cases for grocery stores, specialty retailers and distributors.

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See all the features of our new Boutique Glass Jars, Shaker Jars and Ceramics Grinders. We put them to the test to show you this is packaging that performs. All dressed up and everywhere to go, we think the new Artisan looks fabulous in the kitchen — and we hope you do too!

The New Look of Artisan

Starting with our most popular Artisan varieties, we're launching three new, exclusive packaging styles. Easy to merchandise and easy to use, the new designs are:

Boutique Glass Jars

Boutique Glass Jars

We redesigned our boutique glass jars to be short and wide, making it easier to grab a pinch of salt with your fingers or a spoon. The lids are made of solid, sustainably harvested American black walnut wood. The stunning, intricate artwork with foil-stamped metallic accents and embossed, high-quality labels on each variety adds compelling and distinctive shelf appeal.

Refillable Salt Shaker Jars

Refillable Salt Shaker Jars

Made of unbreakable BPA-free polycarbonate, our new shaker jars were ergonomically designed with a unique square shape and standard display width to fit in retail spice racks and always face forward. We re-engineered the flip-top lid to close securely and stay airtight, even if some grains of salt stick to the surface or in the hinge.

Exclusive Ceramic Salt Grinders

Exclusive Ceramic Salt Grinders

The same size as the shakers, our brand new, revolutionary ceramic grinders can also be merchandised in retail spice racks. The exclusive grinding mechanism is infinitely adjustable and made entirely of ceramic so it will never dull, rust or break, and the container can easily be refilled to be reused.

Benefits for Retailers

Leveraging more than 15 years of experience, we reimagined Artisan to be a cohesive line, offering an attractive shelf presence across multiple merchandising points, from the store shelf to spice racks to creative, eye-catching endcap displays.

Each new Artisan packaging type is available for wholesale purchase in convenient case box quantities, making shelf stocking easier.

Unlike other spice jars and salt shakers on the market, our new Shaker Jar and Ceramic Grinder were intentionally designed with a unique square shape and standard display width to fit in existing retail spice racks. The shape ensures the jars always face forward, as well.

The History of Artisan

Globally sourced—from the salt ponds of France to the famed Salt Road in Sicily, from Mexico to the Mediterranean, Southern Australia to the Himalayan Mountains—the Artisan salt line is the most comprehensive selection of all-natural, high quality traditional salts, artisanal finishing salts and delicious smoked salts crafted right here in the USA.

Originally launched in 2005, Artisan was the first full line of gourmet salts ever offered, giving consumers incredible access to the breadth of flavors, textures, colors and variety of all-natural sea salt.

We've continued to grow the Artisan line, adding unique varietals and introducing our own, handcrafted, naturally cold-smoked salts. From our inaugural smoked salt, Salish® Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt that is smoked over Northwest alder wood, to Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, named for the region here in Washington where the apple wood used to smoke the salt is grown and harvested.

All Artisan salts are subject to the same high quality standards and are run through the same all-natural processing technologies that every SaltWorks product undergoes. From precise sifting to ensure accurate, consistent grain sizes to rare earth metal detectors and our proprietary Optically Clean® technology, we perfect each salt while preserving the artisanal craftsmanship and unique characteristics. Every salt that leaves our facility is always all-natural—the absolute best all-natural it can be.

Reimagining Artisan® Salt Company

We first set out to reimagine Artisan two years ago. We knew from the start that we didn't just want to create new containers. We wanted to invent packaging that was both beautiful and functional.

Leveraging more than 15 years of experience, coupled with the customer feedback we've received about our products and packaging, we set out to create salt containers our customers will cherish. Each container features eye-catching, intricate artwork with on-trend metallic accents. We wanted customers to fall in love with these packages and not tuck them away in the pantry, but instead show them off on the kitchen counter, the dining room table and set atop restaurant tables.

We started this quest by gathering salt shakers, cellars, jars, grinders and other cool kinds of packaging whenever and from wherever our teams traveled. We amassed containers from all over the world. This accumulation ultimately helped us discover what we didn't want.

We didn't want to make containers with cheap materials. These are harder to recycle and aren't as durable. So, we invested in the highest quality raw materials available to make our new Boutique Glass Jars, Shaker Jars and Ceramic Grinders attractive, durable for everyday use, and long-lasting to be refilled and reused continuously.

We didn't want to make salt grinders that were metal or plastic. These materials can corrode, rust or break. They're harder to recycle, too, and limit the lifespan of the container and grinder. Many pre-filled salt grinders on the market aren't refillable, so the container and grinding mechanism are tossed in the trash when empty. We wanted to create something sustainable, dependable and technologically-advanced that people could refill and reuse. So, we engineered a ceramic-on-ceramic grinding mechanism that won't dull, rust or break. It's infinitely adjustable, giving users the greatest control over what kind of salt granulation they want.

We know a lot of consumers use salt shakers over steaming pans during cooking or to season a piping hot dish just before serving. This moisture can cause salt to stick to the surface of the lid, making it difficult to close. We addressed that issue and solved the problem by inventing a lid with flip-top cap that closes completely even if some salt grains stick to the surface or even in the hinge. This keeps our Ceramic Grinders and Shaker Jars airtight when not in use.

We didn't just want our containers to be cool. We wanted them to function well for individual consumers and our wholesale retail customers. We wanted to invent packaging that performs.

The re-imagination of Artisan and launch of these packaging styles is just the beginning. Wait until you see what we'll do next!

A Few New Varieties, Too

In addition, we're launching five new sea salt varieties. Some of these salts are entirely new to SaltWorks, others were previously only available in bulk. Another beloved favorite, Bolivian Rose®, is finally back in stock and we're proud to announce that we're the exclusive supplier of this rare mineral salt from the Andes Mountains.

These new varieties include:

Aussie Flake™—Previously only available in bulk, Aussie Flake is a sparkling white flake harvested from the Southern Ocean along the southern coast of Australia. With a bright, briny flavor and distinctive crunch, this is an ideal finishing salt, available in our new Boutique Glass Jar and Shaker Jar.

Bali Pyramid—With a unique miniature geometric pyramid shape and ample crunch, this distinctive, rare sea salt is hand-harvested and entirely a result of the unique combination of wind, sea and sun off the island of Bali. Available in bulk, Bali Pyramid is now also available in our new Shaker Jar.

Bolivian Rose®—A rare mineral salt mined from deep within the Andes Mountains, this salt is hard to come by, literally! We previously ran out of stock when the single road used to transport the salt washed away during a momentous rain storm. Fine grain Bolivian Rose will be available in our new Shaker Jar and Coarse grain will be in our Ceramic Grinder.

Mediterra®—This Mediterranean Sea salt is known for its bright white color and mild flavor. Previously only available in bulk, Coarse grain Mediterra is now available in our exclusive new Ceramic Grinder.

Paragon®—Harvested from the Southern Ocean off the coast of Australia, this salt offers an incredibly clean, pure taste. Unlike Aussie Flake, which has a crunchy flake texture, Paragon is a small crystal, ideal for an everyday tabletop salt shaker replacement. Previously only available in bulk, Fine grain Paragon is now available in our Shaker Jar.

Sel Gris Grinder—Harvested from clay lined ponds in France, this hand-harvested salt has a gentle grey color sought out by consumers. The moisture content of the salt crystals makes this salt nearly impossible to use in salt grinders—until now. Our new Grinder grain size is Optically Cleaned and then air-dried and is now available in our new Ceramic Grinder.