Bolivian Rose®

Andes Mountain Salt Multiple Grain Sizes Available

by SaltWorks


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Bolivian Rose® Andes Mountain Salt is an exceptional and very rare natural mineral salt. Like Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt, Bolivian Rose is mined by hand from salt deposits that formed hundreds of millions of years ago. A saltwater sea evaporated, leaving behind salt deposits that were slowly enclosed deep within the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. The mountains protected the salt deposits from modern contaminants and preserved the broad range of trace minerals that give this salt its unique color variances—from pastel peach to yellow-reds and coral tones. With its gorgeous color and balanced, mild flavor, Bolivian Rose is best suited to fill a beautiful clear glass salt shaker (Fine grain) or salt grinder (Medium or Coarse grain) on your dining table, or for use as a finishing salt sprinkled on grilled meats, seafood, roasted vegetables and baked goods. A SaltWorks exclusive, Bolivian Rose is available in limited quantities.

Fine grain: An ideal replacement for table salt in your salt shaker, Fine grain Bolivian Rose also works well as an ingredient salt for everyday cooking and baking.

Small grain: Bolivian Rose in Small grain size is an ideal finishing salt for sprinkling on grilled and roasted meats, seafood and vegetables.

Medium grain: Use Medium grain Bolivian Rose for roasting meats or fish, or in your tabletop salt grinder.

Coarse grain: Bolivian Rose in Coarse grain is the perfect size for use in a refillable salt grinder or mill.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Optically Clean®

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Bolivian Rose
Salt Description Andes Mountain Salt
Ingredients Salt
Country of Origin Bolivia
Geographical Region South America
Color Pale Pink to Orange
Salt Type Mineral Salt
Brand SaltWorks
Flavor Type Unflavored
Optically Clean Yes