Szechuan Salt

Fusion® Flavored Sea Salt Multiple Bag Sizes Available

by SaltWorks


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The authentic flavor of Fusion® Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt is more about the spice notes than the heat. Carefully crafted using SaltWorks® proprietary Fusion technique, this unique variety combines all-natural, solar-evaporated sea salt with the exotic Szechuan peppercorn, creating a distinctive flavor profile that highlights the woodsy, citrusy notes of this unusual pepper and the brininess of the sea salt. Reminiscent of dried spices with slight berry notes, this all-natural variety is a mainstay in Chinese and other Asian cuisines. Our bulk Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt is an authentic addition to Asian-inspired spice rubs and seasoning blends for both repackaging and food service customers. A perfect texture for topping & finishing applications, wholesale Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt is also ideal for food manufacturers, repack projects, commercial kitchens & specialty grocers.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Made in the USA

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Szechuan Pepper Salt
Salt Description Szechuan pepper sea salt
Grain Type Medium
Brand SaltWorks