Salt Processing Capabilities

We process nearly a quarter-million pounds of sea salt per day. Known for our innovation and integrity, we’ve leveraged nearly two decades of experience in the all-natural salt industry to build an infrastructure and state-of-the-art salt processing facility that allows us to produce this high volume while concentrating on delivering the most consistent and highest quality product to customers around the globe.

We know salt. From harvesting and processing to applications, uses and understanding the industry, we have the technology, equipment and expertise to provide the perfect salt for your project or product formulation.

Impeccably executed and offering better tasting, clean label, real-world solutions, SaltWorks is synonymous with product quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

Our production facility, expertise and focus on all-natural, additive-free sea salt makes us unique in the industry. Our inventory enables us to support large volume projects, but we’re agile enough to supply customers large and small across the globe. From retail jars to bulk bags, pallets to multiple truckloads, we deliver the best sea salt in the quantities you need.

Discover the SaltWorks Difference:

Sea Salt Sourcing

Our high standards start with the source—the best salt in the world comes from the cleanest waters. From the purity of the water sources to supporting traditional harvesting methods, we scoured the globe to find the best and most unique varieties of all-natural sea and mineral salt crystals and flakes.

We built a global network of trusted, reputable FDA-registered suppliers to source the highest quality exclusive, rare and exceptional salts. This focus on quality, consistency and food safety extends to our naturally smoked and flavored salts: we use handpicked bark-free hardwood logs to cold-smoke our sea salts and only real food ingredients in our Fusion® gourmet flavored salt line.

Natural Salt Processing

Every salt that we receive in our facility is run through an intensive all-natural processing system that includes sifters, aspirators, rare earth magnets, metal detection and our exclusive, proprietary Optically Clean® technology.

We don’t change the salt crystals in any way. Our stringent processes simply remove anything that doesn’t meet our quality standards. This includes insoluble materials (like fibers, sand and plant materials), metals, and crystals that don’t match our exact specifications.

Salt Processing Equipment:

To produce the best all-natural sea salt in the world, we need the best equipment. We invested in and installed the highest quality custom-tailored technologies and machinery, including:

SaltWorks salt grinder equipment

The MPE Gran-U-Lizer

Custom-made entirely of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, our MPE Gran-U-Lizers are the most sophisticated and accurate particle reducer in the industry. This technology specially cracks each grain of salt instead of grinding them down into powder, resulting in a very exact, precise size. By maximizing our grind results and minimizing fines, we produce the most consistent product for our customers.

Specially designed fittings to connect equipment

BFM Fittings

These special, sanitary fittings hygienically connect our machines and processes together. Common in the pharmaceutical industry, the patented design makes them easy to remove and clean. The fittings are clear to make visual material inspection possible, and support our rigorous food safety and quality standards.

Custom fabricated stainless steel salt sifter

SWECO MX Vibro-Energy Round Separators

Like the MPE Gran-U-Lizer, our SWECO equipment is custom-fabricated entirely of stainless steel to reduce potential corrosion issues and adhere to our stringent safety standards. The sanitary design and high process efficiency provides us a uniform method to size and de-dust salts.

Salt Processing Technology:

We also engineer technologies in-house, from environmental controls and equipment automation to our own proprietary Optically Clean® Technology.

SaltWorks proprietary Optically Clean machine

Unique to SaltWorks, the Optically Clean system fluoresces cascading rows of salt crystals and photographs each individual grain with high-definition cameras, comparing them to our color and quality specifications. Any insoluble or unwanted materials and salt crystals that are visually unappealing or otherwise don’t meet our standards is ejected with a targeted blast of air.

Gourmet Salt Innovations

Our diehard devotion to innovating processes and technology to produce the cleanest, highest quality and most mineral-rich sea salts available extends to our unique, proprietary developments in all-natural salt flavoring and smoking, proudly handcrafted in the USA.

Our Fusion® flavored salts are unlike any other. We take an all-natural sea salt and a real ingredient and fuse the two together. We have three different exclusive processes to achieve this flavor fusion, and never use additives, artificial colorants, flavoring or processing agents. The result is salt that’s clean-label friendly with robust flavor and vibrant color.

Our gourmet smoked salts are created using just a few simple ingredients: high-quality bark-free logs, all-natural sea salt, smoke and time.

Our smoked sea salts have unadulterated, authentic campfire flavor and aroma—from one-of-a-kind varieties like the delicate, elegant Fumée de Sel® Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt and mild Yakima® Applewood Smoked Sea Salt to rich, robust smokehouse flavors like Durango® Hickory Smoked Salt and Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt.

The flavor purity make these all-natural smoked salts incredibly unique and versatile. We never use liquid smoke or any other additives, ensuring there’s no risk of bitterness or an unappealing aftertaste that needs to be concealed with additional flavors or ingredients. Just delicious straightforward smoke flavor.

Salt Packaging

Dedication to innovation, design and quality doesn’t stop at our salts. We create the look, feel and functionality of every SaltWorks product—designing and engineering airtight lids, food-grade silicone vapor-proof seals, wood lids and ceramic grinders (to name just a few) in-house.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to packaging. We invest in high-quality raw materials to create containers that are beautiful and functional: from resealable pouches, bags built to hold 55 pounds of salt to 2200-pound superbags, and a range of retail-ready jars, shakers and grinders.

SaltWorks Packaging Capabilities:

  • Accurate filling up to 60,000 units/day
  • High speed labeling (wrap, front, back, bottom & top labels)
  • Automatic pouch filling
  • Automatic capping
  • Induction cap sealing
  • Impulse bag sealing
  • Shrink labeling
  • Metal detecting
  • Lot coding
  • Check weighing
  • Case packing
  • Pallet packaging

These in-house packaging capabilities offer the ability for greater product customization, enable faster time to market, and are especially convenient for producing private label salt lines and custom bulk projects.

Seamless Shipping

Whether you need pounds, pallets, truckloads or even ocean containers, our seamless domestic and international shipping options are convenient, cost-effective and hassle-free.

We have the resources to maximize your bulk order, and our skilled customer service team handles all point-to-point shipping and delivery logistics, to ensure you receive your order when and how you need it.

With an extensive transportation network, we can also accommodate special shipping needs, transit times, and ship on customer accounts.

Producing the perfect product demands delivering to our customers in flawless condition. With a strong attention to detail, we take care to prepare orders for shipment to not maximize value and ensure our products arrive in perfect shape.

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