Salt for Food Manufacturing

SaltWorks® is the most trusted source for all-natural sea salt, supplying the food manufacturing and processing industry with the highest quality ingredient salts, flake and finishing salts, gourmet flavored and naturally smoked salts.

Salt is an essential part of product development, whether you’re manufacturing frozen entrées, healthy on-the-go breakfast bars, snack foods or candies, chocolates and other confections.

SaltWorks supplies the largest selection of all-natural unrefined sea salts and mineral salts in a wide range of precise, consistent and dust-free grain sizes that can be utilized in any manufacturing application with confidence.

The SaltWorks Difference

  • All Natural & Unrefined
  • Clean Label
  • Kosher Certified
  • Dust-Free
  • Elevated Flavor
  • No Artificial Colorants, Chemicals or Flavorings
  • Non-GMO, Allergen & Gluten Free
  • Optically Clean®
  • Organic Compliant
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Unrivaled Global Supply Capacity

Ample Inventory & Large-Scale Production Capabilities: Our state-of-the-art salt facility holds more than six million pounds of premium-grade salts ready for immediate delivery anywhere in the world. Our supply capacity is nearly limitless. Whether you need salt by the pound, pallet, truckload, or even ocean containers, both our domestic and international shipping options are convenient and cost effective. We are the largest and most trusted source for high quality sea salts in the world, supplying over 20 million pounds of salt per year to customers spanning the globe.

Food Safety: SaltWorks exclusive quality assurance methods utilize revolutionary techniques that have changed the face of the ingredient salt industry. With our proprietary systematic screening process—which employs sophisticated sieving, rare earth magnets, metal detection, and our own exclusive Optically Clean® technology—no grain of salt goes unexamined, ensuring product consistency, order to order.

Our commitment to producing the safest, most consistent, high quality sea salts on the market is backed by our SQF LEVEL 2 certification with the highest possible rating of Excellent by NSF International®.

Clean-Label Conscious: With our expansive variety and availability, SaltWorks makes it easy for you to source exceptional ingredient salts and show consumers you’re invested in manufacturing and processing healthier food products.

SaltWorks salts are all-natural without chemical refining or additives, leaving the unique colors and rich mineral content intact. Sea salt is perceived as healthier in the marketplace, and with consumers preferring fewer ingredients on nutritional labels, having the best ingredients available is of the utmost importance. Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union® and organic compliant, our all-natural sea salts support clean label initiatives.

Extensive Grain Size Selection: In order to cater to a wide range of manufacturing and processing needs, SaltWorks utilizes meticulous sieving techniques to produce all-natural sea salts in a broad assortment of precise grain sizes. This enables our customers to pinpoint the ideal granulation for their ingredient application. With the largest selection of industry-standard grain sizes—including our own unique snack grain size specially formulated for snack food manufacturers for better adherence—SaltWorks is the only salt supplier you will need.

Confidentiality: We work with leading food processors, product manufacturers and food service companies. We value and respect the confidentiality of our customers and their product formulations.

Ingredient Salt for Food Manufacturing

Salt has been used as an ingredient for centuries to season foods. Our all-natural sea salts enhance flavor and, because they’re unrefined, it’s sometimes possible to reduce the overall salt content in a product without sacrificing taste or texture.

SaltWorks produces a full range of ingredient salts ideal for any application, expertly crafted to meet our large volume customers’ manufacturing & processing requirements. From the delicate flakes of Pacific Blue®, to crisp & clean Pure Ocean® Atlantic Sea Salt, and ever-popular Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt, to our cold-smoked and flavored varieties—like Salish® Alderwood Smoked and Fusion® Black Truffle—our comprehensive salt selection offers a variety of options to easily incorporate into any food manufacturing or processing application.

For more detailed information on SaltWorks many ingredient salts, please visit our Ingredient Salt page.

All-natural ingredient sea salts for food product manufacturing

Sea Salt for Topping

From topping candy, chocolates and other confections, to packaged pretzels, crackers, popcorn and nuts, SaltWorks offers a range of pristine pure sea salts, and naturally flavored and smoked salts that will pique consumer interest, satisfy their cravings and embrace new taste trends.

It’s important to consider the following when shopping for topping salt:

  • Grain size & adherence
  • Color
  • Flavor

SaltWorks offers an expansive range of exceptional and exciting salts for topping products in ideal grain sizes to offer that distinct crunchy texture and pop of salty flavor with better adherence. SaltWorks is also the only salt supplier to offer Optically Clean® sea salts. This coloring sorting process ensures that you receive only the brightest and most beautiful salt crystals that will enhance the visual impact of a salt topping on your product.

  • Pacific Blue Kosher Flake is an economical but impactful choice. The bright white flakes provide beautiful presentation, a pop of salty flavor, and a slight crunch that diminishes quickly and doesn’t overwhelm.
  • Sel Gris Tamisé is a delicate, hand harvested French grey sea salt that offers a pleasing minerality and lasting, but not overpowering, crunch; ideal for salted caramel products and other confections.
  • Fleur de Sel is known as the “caviar of salt” and is one of the most popular finishing salts. It adds a delicate sophistication and a balanced pop of salt flavor and texture before dissolving.
  • Cyprus Flake is a striking, unique pyramid-shaped flake salt that provides stunning visual appeal. The hollow flakes dissolve quickly and evenly, contributing a bright but brief taste of salt.
  • Cyprus Black Lava is a stunning combination of Cyprus pyramid-shaped flakes and activated charcoal. Uniquely flavor-enhancing, Cyprus Black Lava is an elegant and impressive topping on white chocolate confections.
  • Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt in small grain brings the well-known and beloved pink gradient coloring, a delightful crunch and rich mineral flavor. Himalayan Pink is especially ideal for contrasting on dark or white chocolate confections.
  • Alaea Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt offers straightforward saltiness and a colorful, artistic touch when topping a range of products. Fine grain is ideal for chips or nut mixes, while Coarse grain is perfectly suited to Hawaiian-inspired candies, confections and spice blends.
  • Fusion® naturally flavored sea salts are a stunning union of a natural ingredient and pristine sea salt, providing visual intrigue, satisfying salt flavor and texture. Some (but certainly not all!) of our popular Fusion varieties:
    • Vintage Merlot offers the rich depth of red wine and a stunning purple color best suited for topping white chocolates and truffles.
    • Add a hint of spice and salt to sweets and chocolates, chips, popcorn or nut mixes with spicy Fusion varieties such as Chipotle, or Habanero Heat, or the ever popular Sriracha.
    • Black Truffle provides the rich, elegant aroma of coveted real Italian black truffles, pairing well with potato products including potato chips and frozen French fries.
    • Roasted Garlic is the perfect topping on frozen baked pretzels, savory crackers or adding to dry soup mixes.
  • Handcrafted smoked sea salts provide authentic BBQ flavor and flair.
    • Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt offers a mild, subtly sweet but satisfying smoke flavor. The perfect partner for chocolate, chips and other savory snacks.
    • Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt in medium grain provides an unmistakable campfire aroma. A natural pairing for salmon products and seasoning blends, BBQ flavored potato chips, spice rubs and sauces.

SaltWorks also offers all-natural wax encapsulation for topping applications upon request to preserve the visual and taste impact of the salt.

Sea salts for baking, topping and inclusion

Salts for Inclusion

SaltWorks broad selection of salts for inclusion applications retain their texture and flavor, offering the desired crunch and taste of salt in a range of products from bakery items to chocolate truffles and other confections to tortilla chips.

When used as an inclusion later in the manufacturing process, our sea salts offer an unmistakable and undiluted salt flavor. This application may provide manufacturers and processors the opportunity to reduce the overall sodium content of their products without sacrificing flavor and texture.

Some of our most popular salts for inclusion applications include:

  • Pure Ocean® in small grain is a bright white, versatile Atlantic Sea salt with a crisp and clean flavor.
  • Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt in small grain offers the visual appeal of pink crystals, a delightful minerality and crunchy texture that compliments other crunchy snack foods, energy bars, candies, chocolate bars and truffles, and salted caramel confections.
  • Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt in medium grain brings the smoky flavor of a campfire, ideal for BBQ-themed products, savory nut bars or jerky.
  • Mediterra® Mediterranean Sea Salt in small grain is a bright white crystal. Responsible for traditional favorites like salami, formaggio and olives, this salt is ideal for Mediterranean cuisine manufacturers committed to using authentic ingredients down to the fundamentals.

Salt: The Timeless Trend

Tap into the flavors and ingredients that consumers prefer by harnessing the superior taste, texture and versatility of SaltWorks sea salts. All-natural sea salt is not a fleeting trend. Consumer demand has made utilizing authentic, recognizable and healthy ingredients and developing clean label products an industry standard. Consumers are no longer willing to sacrifice taste or product integrity for healthful claims.

Utilizing sea salt as a fundamental ingredient in product development, manufacturing and processing will dramatically improve the consumer’s experience. SaltWorks extensive inventory of unrefined sea salts in an expansive selection of precise grain sizes and packaging options makes it easy and economical to leverage the power of sea salt in any food manufacturing or processing application.

In addition to traditional sea salts and unique salts sourced from around the globe, SaltWorks also manufactures naturally flavored and smoked sea salts. Our Fusion® line offers over 20 unique flavored salts that bring beautiful color and delightful flavor to any product. A natural union of one real-food ingredient and pristine sea salt, Fusion suits a range of applications and can be used as ingredient salts, for topping or blended into spice rubs and mixes.

Consider Black Truffle for potato products, from frozen French fries to chips, and Toasted Onion for topping pretzels and packaged breadsticks.

Spicier flavors like Jalapeño are well-suited for seasoning guacamole, jarred salsas, new exciting tortilla chip flavors, or even pairing with chocolate for the perfect sweet, salty and slightly spicy dessert! Enhance products targeting super-spicy food seekers with our blazing hot award-winning Venom® Salt made with the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, one of the hottest in the world!

SaltWorks exclusive smoked salt varieties allow food manufacturers to tap into the growing BBQ trend. Our proprietary smoking process uses natural, bark-free real wood logs. Each salt is smoked for 48 hours and up to 14 days, depending on the desired final flavor. Naturally smoked, these salts never include liquid smoke, colorings or other additives, making them clean-label friendly for a range of smoke-inspired products from condiments, chips, popcorn or nuts to packaged spice rubs and BBQ blends.

Comprehensive Salt Production Capabilities

SaltWorks comprehensive production capabilities ensure that our salts are the perfect fit for any project, large or small.

Most orders are fulfilled and depart our warehouse within 48 hours. With an extensive transportation network spanning the globe, we can also accommodate special shipping needs and transit times. We offer seamless shipping and worry-free delivery. Our skilled salt experts handle all point-to-point logistics hassle free. (Please note that custom orders and large volume requests require a longer lead time.)

SaltWorks is capable and experienced to provide a full range of custom manufacturing and processing, ideal for private label brands, repack and bulk projects, and product development.

Just some of our custom options available at our salt production facility are:

  • Non-PHO Encapsulation: An ideal option for bulk customers producing freezer-to-oven gourmet products, our all-natural wax coating option allows our salts to be used as a finishing touch on frozen desserts, entrées or snacks. The application of the wax encapsulation helps the crystals retain their texture when used in a topical application on products going from frozen to thawed. This is also a popular option for certain topping applications.
  • Custom sifting: Although SaltWorks impressive selection of grain sizes almost always guarantees a perfect match, we offer custom sieving capabilities to allow our ingredient customers to hone in on the precise grain size for their specific demand.
  • Anti-caking: Upon request, SaltWorks offers custom, all-natural anti-caking solutions if needed for specialized production processes.
  • Custom smoking & flavoring: We love expanding our flavor horizons! At SaltWorks, we work with our ingredient customers on custom smoking requests or new all-natural flavor ideas. Let us help bring your formula to fruition.

You deserve a salt partner you can trust. SaltWorks delivers the salt you need, the way you want it. Please contact us today or call (800) 353-7258 to speak with our skilled salt experts to find the perfect salt for your food manufacturing needs.