About Us

SaltWorks® is America's Sea Salt Company®, the most trusted source for all-natural salts. Founded and based near Seattle, Washington, we supply premium-grade specialty salts to the wholesale, retail, and consumer markets throughout the world. Our customers range from individuals who order by the jar, to food processors & manufacturers, restaurants, grocery stores, salt mill manufacturers, and spice companies who order by the pallet, truckload, and ocean container.

Privately owned & operated, SaltWorks was established in 2001 when Mark Zoske, CEO, and Naomi Novotny, president, first learned about the variety and benefits of authentic, unrefined sea salts. They were quickly surprised by how difficult these quality salts were to find and purchase, and the lack of access to these all-natural ingredients for food manufacturers & processors to offer healthier, more natural options. So, with no outside investors, they founded SaltWorks, where they could specialize in these unique, mineral-rich salt varieties. Together, they reached out to suppliers worldwide to source the highest quality mineral salts and sea salts they could find. Thus, SaltWorks became the first gourmet salt company in the US.

An American company, SaltWorks stands firm on our two core values: purity of product and customer experience. We have earned the trust of our customers since day one based on this simple premise: a better option at a competitive price, backed by years of expertise. Beyond wanting to make all-natural gourmet salts more accessible, Zoske and Novotny aimed to completely revolutionize the salt industry standards by providing the highest quality salt ever seen to everyone from large manufacturers to specialty retailers. This vision is the core of all of our operations, and at SaltWorks, no detail goes unexamined. From the smoking and flavor infusion processes, to our Optically Clean® technology and salt harvesting technique, all the way down to the grinders and jars; if it affects the salt quality or experience, it is heavily scrutinized and perfected. With these priorities in mind, here at SaltWorks, we have spent the last 15 years honing our craft.

To ensure we can offer convenience, as well as the highest quality salt options, for our large volume & wholesale customers, SaltWorks maintains an inventory of over 6 million pounds, ready to ship, in our SQF audited, 130,000+ square foot, climate-controlled warehouse in Woodinville, Washington. This is buoyed further by our carefully-built production partner network of well-respected, reputable, FDA-registered suppliers, which spans the globe. SaltWorks supply capacity is nearly limitless.

With our commitment to superior salt and the flexibility of private ownership, SaltWorks has been able to concentrate on innovation & product integrity from the start. This single-minded vision has led to fast and steady organic growth, evidenced by the achievement of our ninth appearance on the Inc 500/5000 list in 2015, a rare distinction. SaltWorks has built this success through our steadfast dedication to providing the best for our customers, products, employees, and for our industry.

To underscore our commitment to purity & quality, SaltWorks in-house team worked tirelessly to develop Optically Clean®, our proprietary technology that has revolutionized how salt is processed, and ultimately packaged. This systematic process is employed once the salt is received to our state-of-the-art facility, after first being run through an exclusive combination of sifters, aspirators, rare-earth magnets, and metal detection. Following this comprehensive initial screening, the salt undergoes the Optically Clean method, a highly innovative operation that inspects every single crystal for discoloration or any remaining impurities. It then eliminates any out-of-specification grains using cameras & precise jets of air, while leaving the raw salt just as natural as the day it was harvested: no washing, no chemicals, and no additives.

SaltWorks focus on exceptional natural salts also extends to the production of our own handcrafted lines of naturally flavored and cold-smoked sea salt varieties. The result of our continual quest for the best, most delicious salts possible, SaltWorks exclusive Fusion® flavoring process & cold-smoking techniques were born. Producing imaginative selections from Fusion Sriracha Sea Salt to Yakima® Applewood Smoked Salt, these innovative varieties have made a splash in frozen food products, food service, packaged snack foods, seasoning blends and more!

Whether smoked, infused or meticulously perfected in their pristine state, all of our authentic salts begin with SaltWorks philosophy that all-natural products simply taste and feel better: no additives, no artificial flavors, no bonding agents or processing aids. All of our salts are made with only the best ingredients available.

The most trusted name in the salt business, SaltWorks is the only salt partner you will need. Our strict commitment to quality and our continuous innovation ensure that our customers will receive only the cleanest, most natural products possible, every order. And here, keeping our customers happy is always our top priority. We have been serving retailers, processors, manufacturers and food service customers around the world since 2001, and our team of over 70 highly trained, passionate salt professionals works every day to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and our products’ quality. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating attests to this fanatical, daily dedication to the best.

Please contact SaltWorks right away, and let our professional and knowledgeable salt experts assist with your salt project or questions. We invite you to compare our quality and discover the difference our dedication to superior salt products makes. The first and largest gourmet salt company in the US, no other salt company can do what SaltWorks can – come find out for yourself!