The SaltWorks Difference

As the leader of the gourmet salt industry, SaltWorks® is truly passionate about salt. From the purity of the water sources and harvesting practices, to packaging and delivery, we work tirelessly to innovate processes and pioneer technologies to improve the salt and preserve the artisanal craftsmanship and unique characteristics of each grain.

Since day one, SaltWorks has earned the trust of our customers based on this simple premise: a better product at a competitive price. With heavy investment in technology and SaltWorks state-of-the-art facility, no detail goes unexamined. If anything affects the salt quality or the customer experience, it is carefully scrutinized and perfected. This commitment to excellence led to SaltWorks’ advancements in real-wood smoked sea salts, natural flavor infused salts and our Optically Clean® Technology.

These proprietary processes maintain the inherent mineral content all natural salts are prized for and guarantee the very best quality on the market.

With award winning customer service complementing our superior products & capabilities, SaltWorks is the only salt supplier you will need. Guaranteed.