• Retail-Packaged Himalayan Salt

    Retail-Packaged Himalayan Salt

    An everyday essential, available in eye-catching packaging options perfect for your shelf, SaltWorks® crafts the most pristine Himalayan Pink Salt available.
  • Bulk Himalayan Salt

    Bulk Himalayan Salt

    Offered in a range of grain sizes, bulk Himalayan salt is ideal for shakers & grinders, repack, snack foods, food processing, baked goods and more.
  • Wholesale Himalayan Salt Crystals

    Wholesale Himalayan Salt Crystals

    Wholesale Himalayan Salt Crystals and Grater Stones are beautiful for display or resale. The highest quality Himalayan Pink Salt available, they are commonly used for grating at the table & creating displays.
  • Wholesale Himalayan Salt Slabs

    Wholesale Himalayan Salt Slabs

    Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs are ideal for specialty stores, cooking demos & classes, and even building displays. These bestselling items are unique & eye catching on a shelf or display.