Ancient Ocean®

Himalayan Bath Salt Powder Grain

by SaltWorks


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Carefully sourced from mines located deep within the Himalayan Mountains, Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Bath Salt is known around the world for its beautiful color and varied trace minerals. Formed from the ancient seabed that was crystalized into rich salt veins within the mountains when they formed, our Himalayan pink salt is considered by many to be the purest salt on earth.
Using proprietary technology, SaltWorks® ensures the quality & consistency of our Ancient Ocean® products. First, we crush and screen our Himalayan salt to several different precise grain specifications, offering the ideal size for any bath & spa project: face and body scrubs, exfoliating soaps, lotions, manicure and pedicure soaks, bath salts, bath teas and salt potpourri. Following the grain sizing procedures, the salt is run through our exclusively-developed Optically Clean® process, which removes naturally-occurring impurities without refining or processing, and ensures the ultimate beauty & safety of this unique, all-natural salt.
Available in bulk and wholesale quantities for commercial spas, manufacturers and repackaging, SaltWorks guarantees the highest quality, authentic Himalayan pink salt is brought to you straight from the source, from ethically and ecologically approved, FDA-registered suppliers. All of our Ancient Ocean Himalayan Salt products are food grade and safe for consumption.

Powder Grain: The Powder grain size of our Ancient Ocean Himalayan Bath Salt is ideal for spa applications requiring quick-dissolving gentle bath salt, or as an ingredient for lotions or other beauty products requiring no textural application.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Optically Clean®

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Ancient Ocean
Salt Description Himalayan Bath Salt
Scent Unscented
Brand SaltWorks
Optically Clean Yes

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