Ingredient Sea Salts by SaltWorks®

SaltWorks® offers the largest selection of all-natural ingredient salts for developing, processing and manufacturing direct-to-consumer prepared and packaged foods.

SaltWorks has the most expansive variety of both crystal and flake sea salts in exact and consistent grain sizes that are never chemically treated or bleached. Our proprietary processes, including our exclusive Optically Clean® Technology, ensure that these are the cleanest all-natural sea salts on the market. They’re organic compliant and ideal for clean label products.

Sea salts for salami and prosciutto

SaltWorks Ingredient Sea Salts

For most processing and manufacturing applications, we recommend using one of the following sea salts, exclusively available from SaltWorks:

Fine Grain - Pure Ocean
Pure Ocean® Premium Sea Salt

Grain Sizes: Powder, Snack, Fine, Kosher, Small

The premium sea salt for manufacturing and processing, Pure Ocean is a widely used and reliable ingredient salt, providing crisp and clean flavor. Carefully sourced from pristine waters, the dry, dense crystals are never bleached or chemically refined. Available in 8 precise and consistent grain sizes to suit a variety of applications, we maintain an extensive inventory ready to ship. Pure Ocean is truly the highest quality practical and economical ingredient sea salt available.

Small Grain - Mediterra
Mediterra® Mediterranean Sea Salt

Grain Sizes: Fine, Small

With a mild flavor and bright white crystals, this solar-evaporated sea salt is naturally high in trace levels of magnesium. A truly authentic ingredient for Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and packaged products, Mediterra is available in 5 grain sizes.

Fine Grain - Paragon
Paragon® Australian Sea Salt

Grain Sizes: Fine, Small

From Southern Australia, this sparkling white sea salt offers an incredibly clean, pure salt flavor. The exotic origin story of Paragon offers a distinct opportunity to showcase this alluring ingredient and market your products to entice consumers and satisfy their desires for authentic, global and unique ingredients. The pristine crystals are available in 3 grain sizes to suit a range of ingredient applications.

Fine Grain - Sonoma
Sonoma™ Pacific Sea Salt

Grain Sizes: Fine, Small

A conventional and cost-effective domestic ingredient salt, Sonoma is harvested from salt ponds in Northern California. Sonoma offers a crisp, clean flavor and is available in two grain sizes.

Extra Fine Grain - Ancient Ocean
Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt

Grain Sizes: Powder, Extra Fine, Fine, Small

Unrivaled in purity and quality, this full-flavored mineral salt is guaranteed authentic. Carefully sourced from FDA-registered suppliers, Ancient Ocean is ethically and sustainably mined in Pakistan. Our proprietary processing technologies remove naturally occurring debris and less desirable crystals, ensuring a safe, consistent, ready-to-use product. Ancient Ocean is ideal for clean-label products that attract health- and ingredient-conscious consumers.

Kosher Flake - Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue® Flake Sea Salt

Grain Sizes: Kosher, Ingredient

Both kosher certified and kosher flake style, Pacific Blue is the only all-natural, unrefined and mineral-rich flake sea salt available on the market. Naturally lighter by volume, Pacific Blue flakes are a product of nature and not mechanically formed. The fine, feather-like flakes capture the treasured kosher flake shape and texture, dissolving quickly and evenly. Pacific Blue is an ideal ingredient salt for food processing, use in commercial kitchens, and snack food applications.

Velvet Grain - Sel Gris
Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt

Grain Sizes: Velvet, Fine, Tamisé

Though not a typical ingredient salt, Sel Gris is an exceptional and exotic option available in four grain sizes. This hand-harvested salt has a high mineral and moisture content with a unique crystal structure that varies slightly in size. Offering a distinct and different flavor and texture profile, the soft crystals maintain shape and structure in topping applications, but also dissolves quickly and evenly. Ideal for French-inspired products that will benefit from the use of authentic, genuine ingredients, Sel Gris is an ideal salt for topping and inclusion applications.

Ingredient Salt Grain Sizes

SaltWorks offers the most extensive selection of ingredient sea salt grain sizes to best suit a wide range of food processing and manufacturing applications.

These grain sizes are precise and consistent, ensuring that you’ll receive a product perfect for your formulation with every order.

Powder grain:

  • Is the consistency of baking flour
  • Offers optimal adherence and even coating
  • Dissolves quickly

Ingredient sea salts in Powder grain:

Best for: Tortilla chips, potato chips, vegetable crisps, popcorn, roasted nuts.

Extra Fine grain & Snack grain:

  • Offers excellent adherence
  • Provides visual and taste impact of slightly larger salt grains (versus Fine or Power grain sizes)

Ingredient sea salts in Extra Fine grain:

Ingredient sea salts in Snack grain: Pure Ocean Premium Sea Salt is the only all-natural ingredient sea salt currently offered in this exclusive grain size. Pure Ocean in Snack grain is specifically designed for optimal adherence on snack food products with the advantage of a slightly larger granulation adding texture and visual appeal.

Best for: Packaged pretzels, pita crisps, crackers, tortillas and tortilla chips, soups, sauces, nut or trail mix blends, and frozen potato products and vegetables.

Fine grain:

  • Is extremely versatile for coating, topical and ingredient use
  • Dissolves quickly and easily
  • Adheres well for coating snack foods that require a more distinct visual and textural impact of salt grains

Ingredient sea salts in Fine grain:

Best for: Processing canned foods, soups, sauces, and topical applications on tortilla chips.

Small grain:

  • Ideal for topical applications that call for an impactful visual and crunchy texture
  • Is excellent as an inclusion where a surprise crunch and pop of salt flavor is needed
  • Can be encapsulated for prepared foods going from frozen to thawed and cooked

Ingredient sea salts in Small grain:

Best for: Confections and chocolates, snack bars or candy bars (inclusion), or frozen prepared foods.

Using Flake Salts for Sodium Reduction

SaltWorks offers the only naturally produced, unrefined Kosher Flake sea salt, Pacific Blue®. Unlike other flake salts on the market today, our salt is not mechanically produced, and is never chemically refined or heavily processed. In fact, it is the only all-natural sea salt available in the traditional, coveted kosher flake style!

Pacific Blue Flake Sea Salts are:

  • Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).
  • The kosher flake style and shape (grain size) traditionally used as a desiccating agent when koshering meat.

These flakes:

  • Have a low-profile hollow pyramid shape
  • Offer clean, pure salt flavor
  • Dissolve quickly and evenly
  • Blend well with other dry ingredients

Pacific Blue is good for:

  • Brining and pickling
  • Processing canned products
  • As an ingredient in prepared foods
  • Finishing, or to add a salt crust topping to baked goods and coated snack foods

Flake salts have a lower bulk density and are naturally lighter by volume than traditional sea salts. Simple and pristine, our flake salts offer consistent, balanced flavor that is never muted or adulterated by anti-caking agents, additives or chemicals. Together, the lighter volume and strong, pure salt flavor offer an interesting alternative option for reducing sodium in products.

Make the Switch to All-Natural Sea Salt

Offering a broad assortment of ingredient sea salts to best suit a range of applications, SaltWorks also provides a range of custom options including custom grain sizing and all-natural non-PHO encapsulation, to suit your specific processing or manufacturing need. Ready to make the switch to all-natural sea salt in your products? Contact us today!

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