SaltWorks® Achieves Kosher Certification for Its Gourmet Smoked Sea Salts

SaltWorks, the largest gourmet salt company in the world, is pleased to announce Kosher certification for its entire line of smoked sea salts.

Kosher smoked salt

WOODINVILLE, Wash., June 27, 2013 — The company’s traditional artisanal sea salts have been certified Kosher since 2007, but smoked salts required a more exhaustive process to achieve this distinction. SaltWorks chose the Orthodox Union (OU) to oversee the certification; OU is known throughout the world as the most respected Kosher certification agency.

Kosher certification guarantees a certain level of process and quality control in the handling and production of food. Rooted in Jewish tradition, the term Kosher has been adapted within the food and restaurant industry to comprise a set of standards and practices that ensure only the highest quality products make it to the customer’s table or pantry. Indeed, the Kosher label is recognized around the world as an almost unmatched indicator of food quality and safety.

“We are really excited and proud of our smoked salt Kosher certification,” remarked Mark Zoske, CEO of SaltWorks. “This is a great development not only for our retail smoked salt products, but also for ingredients for the food industry. Our customers have been requesting Kosher certification for our smoked salt for years, and now we can deliver.”

Zoske continued: “Our fantastic line of smoked sea salts can now be used in even more applications, expanding our reach. Customers have rewarded us for our hard work with their loyalty and positive endorsement, so we’re happy to listen to them and respond in kind. Likewise, our leadership position has enabled us to continue offering low prices to all of our buyers.”

As an innovator in the gourmet salt industry, SaltWorks has developed a proprietary smoking process that has been unchanged since the first batch was created nearly ten years ago. The company never uses liquid smoke or additives. Privileging quality over quantity, SaltWorks uses only real wood smoke from bark-free logs, smoking the salt for anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days, and producing one handcrafted batch at a time of its gourmet smoked sea salt.

SaltWorks produces the following brands of smoked sea salts:

SaltWorks expects to produce upwards of one million pounds of smoked salt in 2013, with steady growth thereafter. The company also supplies gourmet salts to its rapidly expanding private label program. SaltWorks’ team of professionals can deliver an excellent finished product to suit any need.

In little more than ten years, family-owned SaltWorks has firmly established itself as a market leader in gourmet salt production for both retail and commercial buyers. Sales have been extraordinary in the last few years, with SaltWorks’ products appearing on more grocery store shelves and as ingredients at countless restaurants, from five star establishments to national chains and even fast food.

As always, SaltWorks depends on only the highest quality sources for its raw salt. That means procuring salt from the cleanest oceans and beaches with the purest, mineral-rich seawater. The production methods are designed such that the salt retains its unique flavors and aesthetic properties. Heavily refined salts simply pale by comparison. Equally important, SaltWorks is able to keep prices in check thanks to the massive volume of salt it transports from source to production to facility. The company sells more than 30 million pounds of salt each year, with four million pounds always stocked at the Woodinville, Washington factory.

About SaltWorks, Inc.
SaltWorks is America’s Sea Salt Company®, founded in 2001 and offering the largest selection and finest brands in the world, including Artisan Salt Company®, Fusion®, Pure Ocean®, and Bokek®. No other company offers as many all-natural salt varieties, packaging configurations, or grain sizes. All of SaltWorks natural sea salts are kosher certified and guaranteed for purity and quality.

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