SaltWorks® Announces Snowflake®: An All-Natural Innovation in Sea Salt

Snowflake Pacific Northwest Sea Salt is the only whole mineral, artisanal sea salt filtered for all traces of undesired heavy metals, while leaving beneficial minerals intact—like potassium, iodine, magnesium and bromide. SaltWorks presents a cleaner, healthier, all-natural sea salt.

WOODINVILLE, Wash., April 3, 2014 — Anyone can make sea salt, but like any craft, a true artisan obsesses over how it can be done best, and how each detail impacts the final result.

SaltWorks announces Snowflake Pacific Northwest Sea Salt: the first sea salt that is harvested with the same time-honored techniques as ancient French paludiers but also with modern considerations and capabilities. This is a revolutionary step toward a cleaner, healthier way to harvest and consume all-natural, whole mineral sea salt.

SaltWorks Snowflake Salt: Pacific Northwest Sea Salt

Mineral-rich sea salt is composed of the same trace minerals found in our bodies, promoting balance and synchronicity. For 13 years, SaltWorks CEO, Mark Zoske and President Naomi Novotny have been proud to introduce customers to the best gourmet salts in the world, all natural and never refined. However, skeptics of the sea salt boom voiced concerns over the trace heavy metals present in the mineral composition. But if pure sodium chloride (refined salt) wreaks havoc on human bodies as studies suggest, what is the solution to sea salt woes?

This question provoked Mark and Naomi’s next big mission: craft a process for harvesting the first sea salt that completely adheres to the ancient artisan standards while using modern capabilities to eliminate the heavy metals—something pre-industrial French paludiers had little concern for.

It’s worth noting that when put up against the beneficial trace minerals in sea salt, most argue that the traces of metals are so minuscule that it’s nothing to be concerned with, and it’s still better than using refined salt. “Regardless, if we can develop a process that results in the best-case scenario for locally harvested sea salt,” Zoske explains, “then why not do it?”

Developing this proprietary process with respect to old world methods meant following a few principles: the salt never touches metal, it is naturally evaporated, air dried, and contains zero additives.

First, to rid the water of heavy metals, it runs through a proprietary filtering system developed by SaltWorks that dedicates specific filters to specific unwanted metals, all while maintaining the perfect salt-making temperature.

Temperature is crucial. The ideal temperature helps to form the perfect crystal, while retaining all the beneficial minerals. Sea salt is the result of solar evaporation in nature, not boiling.

To ensure the sea water remains clean during the evaporation process, SaltWorks salt ponds are lined with a material initially developed for the NASA International Space Station. These modern upgrades guarantee the ponds remain free of any outside impurities, resulting in a mineral-rich salt that is pure white. Some unfiltered mineral-rich salts are colored because of the clay-lined ponds, which imparts a unique mineral composition.

The finest salts in the world are harvested using only wood tools, and it’s been that way for centuries. Snowflake is no exception. The only time sea salt should come in contact with metal is when it touches your fork or spoon. Snowflake salt ponds are free of any metal, as is the rest of the process. Even exposed hardware—from the nuts and bolts that secure it—have a protective plastic coating.

Once the fine, flakey crystals form in the salt ponds, they are gently harvested, and placed on large ventilated screens to air dry for a carefully developed amount of time before being packaged for consumers. Dryers are never used to rush this process.

Nowhere else in the world is a sea salt being produced that delivers the ideal balance of old and new methods for the cleanest, healthiest, all-natural option. Snowflake Pacific Northwest Sea Salt was released to the market first in 2010 after the proprietary process was finalized. Consumer demand reinforced the value of the product, encouraging Zoske and Novotny to put more steam into its production. Now, after expanded production capabilities, SaltWorks is excited to offer Snowflake Pacific Northwest Sea Salt in limited catering sized quantities for restaurants and chocolatiers.

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