SaltWorks®, Inc. Issues Quality Checklists for Commercial Buyers to Select the Best Quality Himalayan Pink Salt

SaltWorks® CEO Mark Zoske shares detailed Himalayan salt quality benchmarks and processing standards to help retail buyers identify and purchase the best quality Himalayan mineral salt available.

Woodinville, WA, April 25, 2017 — As the global pioneer of all-natural Himalayan pink salt, SaltWorks is confronting the recent influx of lower quality salt on the market by issuing processing criteria and quality benchmarks on its website at This guidance is intended to help commercial buyers assess, grade, and purchase the absolute best Himalayan pink salt.

Prized for its beautiful gradient of color and rich in trace minerals, Himalayan pink salt continues to be highly sought after by consumers.

“Himalayan salt is loved for its flavor, versatility and beautiful color. It’s an incredible everyday salt,” said SaltWorks CEO Mark Zoske. “We know that there is lower quality Himalayan salt on the market enticing commercial buyers with lower prices. We developed these quality checklists to help buyers easily identify and grade the quality of the salt they’re considering purchasing. We want to help educate buyers, retailers and consumers on how to recognize the best quality pink salt.”

SaltWorks produces Himalayan pink salt under their own Ancient Ocean® and Artisan® Salt Company brands for retail and wholesale customers, and supplies bulk Himalayan salt to manufacturers, food processors, and private label customers.

“Not all Himalayan salt is processed equally,” said Zoske. “Lower quality Himalayan salt that isn’t subject to the same stringent standards as ours can contain undesirable materials, like rock and clay particles, and other insoluble matter.”

Himalayan salt is the result of an ancient body of water that evaporated, leaving behind a mineral-rich salt bed that fused with other seabed materials, such as clay and stone. These materials are excavated with the raw salt during the mining process. Careful processing is required to remove this insoluble matter before packaging the salt for consumer purchase.

SaltWorks engineered a chemical-free salt processing system that includes sifters, aspirators, rare-earth magnets, metal detection, and the company’s own highly advanced Optically Clean® Technology. This proprietary color sorting equipment ensures that all the salts they produce and sell are the cleanest, safest and highest quality available.

“We’ve implemented multiple steps and QA checks along the way to ensure we are supplying the cleanest, safest, food-grade all-natural salt available,” said Zoske. “We never cut corners on our supply chain, equipment, processes or packaging.”

For more information about SaltWorks’ Himalayan salt processing solutions, and to access the quality guidelines and checklists, please visit

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