SaltWorks® Ranked #117 in Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest-Growing Companies for 2007

Specialty salt company SaltWorks®, Inc. takes the lead in luxury spices.

WOODINVILLE, Wash., August 22, 2007 — Starting with an appreciation of gourmet food, a palate for seasoning, and an idea with a kick, Mark Zoske, CEO of SaltWorks, wrote a recipe for success in his kitchen five years ago. Today, INC. Magazine, the leading private business publication in the United States, ranked specialty salt retailer SaltWorks #117 in their Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies of 2007.

SaltWorks’ success story can be attributed to maintaining a spicy edge in the gourmet food sector. The public’s appetite for pampering, great tasting spices and organic, chemical-free products have all combined into a perfect storm for SaltWorks. From the skin-soothing Dead sea bath salts to the pure Alaea Hawaiian seasoning and finishing salt, SaltWorks is single-handedly making “healthy salt” a viable reality — and healthy sales are the result.

SaltWorks has matched a great market position with a unique service model. The Washington company ships same-day to direct buyers, wholesalers and consumers around the world who prefer the efficient, personal service SaltWorks offers. Their flexible, reliable fulfillment model positioned them on the leading edge of the trend.

The results are nothing short of amazing: SaltWorks has grown over 1800% in revenue in just under 5 years.

“This is very, very exciting. The prestigious INC. 500 ranking we received today verifies what a terrific niche we’ve targeted here,” said Zoske.

With sales of nearly $5 million in 2006 and a projected $9 million in 2007, the company that started in Zoske’s kitchen has come a long way since its 2001 inception. Saltworks has sold ten-million pounds of gourmet and bath salt this year. They moved into a brand new 26,000 square foot warehouse. They’re here to stay, and it’s not surprising the business world is taking notice.

According to Zoske, his passion for the product turned a pedestrian spice into a gourmet household necessity. “I love sea salt. My current favorite is our Salish Smoked Salt. I add it to salmon before grilling.”

Unlike traditional salt, SaltWorks premium brands like Bokek® Dead Sea salt are naturally evaporated from sea water and contain no additives or chemical treatments. SaltWorks practice of importing from pure sources perfectly caters to the current American appetite for an organic fare at both the tub and table. SaltWorks is singlehandedly making “healthy salt” a viable reality.

Saltworks has set the industry standard by providing focused service to such a wide market. Wholesalers rely on Saltworks as a reliable business with more than just a hot product supporting its bottom line. Saltworks combination of service and specialization earned them a place in the fast-growing fancy foods sector. The high ranking in INC. Magazine proves SaltWorks is here to stay.

About SaltWorks, Inc.
SaltWorks is America’s Sea Salt Company®, founded in 2001 and offering the largest selection and finest brands in the world, including Artisan Salt Company®, Fusion®, Pure Ocean®, and Bokek®. No other company offers as many all-natural salt varieties, packaging configurations, or grain sizes. All of SaltWorks natural sea salts are kosher certified and guaranteed for purity and quality.

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