Pure Ocean®

Premium Sea Salt Wholesale Cases - Classic Packaging Options

by SaltWorks


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Pure Ocean® Atlantic Sea Salt by SaltWorks® is sea salt the way that nature intended—clean, fresh and all natural. Harvested off the coast of Brazil, only the purest salt water from the Atlantic Ocean is collected and solar evaporated to create this everyday essential. SaltWorks guarantees the quality of the salt using our proprietary quality processes, including our Optically Clean® technique. This state-of-the-art process preserves the intrinsic mineral content of the salt while eliminating naturally-occurring impurities, resulting in the most pristine, all-natural sea salt available – crisp & clean-tasting, ideal for daily use in every dish. The perfect, better-than-basic sea salt for every store shelf, from grocery to big box, Pure Ocean is unrefined and kosher certified, making it a shelf staple that no gourmet salt selection should be without. Available in a variety of grain sizes, Pure Ocean is ideal for a wide range of customer needs, from their everyday salt in tableside shakers, to baking and cooking, or even as a refill for their preferred salt grinder or mill. Pure Ocean Sea Salt is available for wholesale case purchase in functional plastic flip top packaging, sample-size pinch pouches, or 4lb pour-spout bags that are perfect for stocking the pantry or food service.

Snack Grain: The perfect size for salt shakers, Snack grain Pure Ocean is great for customers that need an everyday salt for cooking & baking. Snack grain is also ideally suited for home cooks and food service customers for popcorn, snack mixes, fries & chips.

Fine Grain: The most popular grain size for customers searching for an all-natural sea salt replacement for traditional refined salt, Pure Ocean in Fine grain is perfect for use at the table and in your customers’ everyday baking and cooking applications. This is the ideal all-around grain size – a shelf staple.

Coarse Grain: Pure Ocean Coarse grain is a hefty grain, perfect for customers searching for a delicious salt for their salt grinder or mill. A beautiful white salt, this is the ideal coarse sea salt selection for the store shelf.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Optically Clean®

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Pure Ocean
Salt Description Pure White Sea Salt
Country of Origin Australia
Geographical Region Australia
Brand SaltWorks
Optically Clean Yes