Pure Ocean®

Premium Atlantic Sea Salt Snack Grain

by SaltWorks


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Solar evaporated and harvested from Atlantic Ocean waters off the coast of Brazil, Pure Ocean® Atlantic Sea Salt is all natural and unrefined. Made white by the sun and sea, the sparkling crystals are collected from the salt ponds, carefully crushed and screened to size, and finally run through our proprietary Optically Clean® technology in our state-of-the-art facility. These exclusive processes guarantee the purity of the salt, while protecting the unique characteristics of each grain, ensuring that SaltWorks can craft the most pristine all-natural sea salt on the market. Simple and pure with zero additives, allergens, or anti-caking agents, Pure Ocean offers consistent and balanced flavor and texture with every order. Available for wholesale, bulk & large volume orders, we produce an extensive selection of grain sizes and packaging options specifically with the needs of our food service customers, manufacturers & wholesalers in mind, guaranteeing the ideal salt selection for any gourmet application. The perfect replacement for your current refined salt or domestic sea salt, the dry, dense crystals can be used as an ingredient in recipes labeled “All Natural” and “Organic.” Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, from table top and spice blends to food processing and salt mills, SaltWorks® Pure Ocean is a simple upgrade that will make a big impact as consumers continue to make purchasing and dining decisions based on quality foods & ingredients.

Snack Grain: Perfect for salt shakers, soups & sauces, or in snack food applications that call for a slightly more granular texture than Powder grain, Pure Ocean Snack grain is specifically sized for better adherence on chips, nuts and other food products. Snack grain allows for adhesion as well as the appeal of more visible salt crystals.

Certified Authentic

All-Natural Product

Optically Clean®

Organic Compliant

Kosher Certified


Salt Name Pure Ocean
Salt Description Premium Atlantic Sea Salt
Brand SaltWorks
Optically Clean Yes
Uses Baking, Drink Rimmer, Ingredient, Salt Shakers, Snack Topping, Spice Blends