• Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt

    Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt

    The finest Himalayan Pink Salt in the world, Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt stands for incomparable purity & quality, produced in a range of precise grain sizes.
  • Fusion® Flavored Sea Salt

    Fusion® Flavored Sea Salt

    SaltWorks® Fusion® all-natural flavored salts easily add flavor & flair to the table or food products. In a range of popular varieties, they are available retail-ready or in bulk.
  • Artisan® Salt

    Artisan® Salt

    Offered retail-ready or in bulk, Artisan® salts by SaltWorks® showcase the wide range of beautiful colors, textures and flavors of the highest quality all-natural salts available.
  • Pure Ocean® Premium Sea Salt

    Pure Ocean® Premium Sea Salt

    An essential on the shelf or in food processing, using SaltWorks® exclusive capabilities we guarantee that Pure Ocean® is the highest quality all-natural sea salt available.
  • Bokek® Premium Dead Sea Salt

    Bokek® Premium Dead Sea Salt

    SaltWorks® Bokek® Dead Sea Salt is the highest quality therapeutic Dead Sea salt available. Guaranteed pure & authentic, Bokek is offered in a range of wholesale packaging options.
  • Ultra Epsom® Premium Epsom Salt

    Ultra Epsom® Premium Epsom Salt

    Exclusively by SaltWorks®, Ultra Epsom® Salt is USP grade & ideal for a variety of bulk wholesale applications. It is available in a range of easy-to-use grain & packaging sizes.